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Bioscape - Nature's Geometry EP


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Artist: Bioscape

Title: Nature's Geometry EP

Label: Gliese 581C

Date: April, 2012


01 - Sunrise Prayer (70 BPM)

02 - Dub Forest (110 BPM)

03 - Synergistic Movement (70 BPM)

04 - Spectral Dub (80 BPM)


This is Andrew Dyche from the ATL where the playas play. It is also his debut. According to the always accurate promo:


"His music celebrates nature and encourages us to take an intimate look at our surroundings."


He must be talking about his vacations from Atlanta. Ever been there? Nice city if you can get through all the mother f*cking traffic. If you go, avoid the summer. Feels like a Turkish bath house it's so damn humid. Most ATLiens will tell you that there surroundings are indoors in the summer. More known for it's southern rap style (Outkast, Ludacris) I'm curious to see what a downtempo producer will bring.


Let me tell you it is some mellow stuff. The first track is an intro that is soft and gentle like the breaking dawn and the creatures in the forest are waking up. There is reverberating electric piano and a muted kick. Very good opener. Dub Forest seems significantly slower, but that ain't what the bpm's are saying. This dubby tune is quite full with bunches of layers that take their sweet time. It's good, but I would've liked some extended periods of contrast to keep it interesting. More than 8 minutes at this slow pace is like crawling a marathon.


Synergistic Movement has that contrast with several changes and it is shorter so not to tax the mind. With the final track it's more of the same hypnotic dubby sunshine. And basically that is what this EP is...smooth, mellow, and very relaxing. I liked the whole thing and look forward to more from this artist.





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