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Protoactive - Spiritual Reaction EP


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Artist: Protoactive

Title: Spiritual Reaction EP

Label: Freakuency Records

Date: February, 2012


1. Here Comes The Sun

2. Spiritual Reaction

3. See The Connection

4. Music Memories (Erotic Dream Remix)



Protoactive is Allan Feytor from Brazil with a 4 track EP.



Here Comes the Sun- "The only way that we can save this planet..."


This is a smooth afternoon at the beach that has good bounce and blends nice percussive touches with the churning electronics. The pads are warm like the rays of the sun peaking from behind that stubborn cloud.


Spiritual Reaction- My reaction to this track was not spiritual. More like...


Posted Image



See The Connection- "Your brain doesn't know the difference between what's taking place out there and what's taking place in here."


Is that an insult? Weak. The song was all right. Floaty.


Music Memories (Erotic Dream Remix)- "No mix of words or music or memories."


Another floaty track with some very descriptive effects. Wispy like smoke from a campfire that manages to have a nice melodic groove.



Not bad. As I mentioned, floaty and groovy progressive with some smooth melodic transitions. But let's discuss the price. 8 bucks? Are you out of your f*cking mind? But maybe you will like it so much that that won't matter to you. Maybe you don't care about money. Really?


Maybe you would be interested in being my best friend.





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