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Artist: Erode

Title: Horizon

Label: Tympanik Audio

Date: July, 2011


1. 10950

2. Detect

3. Approach

4. Horizon

5. Overcome

6. Wither

7. -

8. Annoy

9. Disengage

10. Horizon (Kadrage Remix)

11. Brutal Romance (Erode Remix) - Deadlock


This one goes out to Ivan because he likes Death Metal. And I'm afraid of it.


I cannot recall how I came to know about this release, but here it is. This is Alexander Dietz and he used to be (is he still in it? Somehow I let my subscription to Kerrang lapse.) in a German metal band called Heaven Shall Burn.


How uplifting and holy.


Well now he shows his...umm, softer side I guess and presents us with his debut electronic album. It's filled with droning pads, repeated chords full of ambience as well as crunchy percussion. Most of it is downtempo and all of it sounds like the beautiful cover art looks. Done by Colin Marks of Rain Sound Design. Just thought I would give him a plug since he did such a great job.


It's cloudy day music with an industrial bent as well as some haunting melodies. You can tell it was made by a guy who was into metal with the angry/dark track titles. But the music vassilates between pensive downtempo and outright rage with a remix of a Deadlock track at the end complete with the industrial screams that remind me a lot of FLA.


Standouts? Well, I liked the track Wither with its soft pads and at times chaotic percussion. Gave me a feel of post apocalyptic regret.


The interlude (-? What the f*ck is up with that title? That's what you came up with? How about...I dunno, B*tch gave me herpes or something.) sounded nice in its simplicity and the electronic scraping of Annoy was backed by a beautiful pad set that devolved into a drum n' bass hum. Pretty cool.


Disengage had a nice soft synth pad before it devolved into a glitchy rhythm set.


While not very deep it does stay within the confines of it's dark and mysterious theme. I say good for him for stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something different. I hope he continues in this vein as I would love to see how his music evolves.


Not the metal though. I don't need my music screaming at me. I have a wife for that.



You can get it here.



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