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Artist: Various

Title: Still Fresh Vol. 2

Label: Spintwist Records

Date: July, 2011


1. Still Fresh



2. Floorward



3. Nice Day



4. Osc On



5. Learning to fly



6. Windows of our soul (Krama rmx)



7. Twist N Spin



8. Audiolslave



9. Fe Natural



10. I dont want





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I think I shall use that every time there is an album with a Zyce sighting. It's not a bad thing, but he shows up more often than the wary fat kid. Google it, you'll see. Poor bastard...just wanted to show up to Chong Lee's graduation and now he's infamous.


Because I've been lucky enough to find several outstanding progressive trance compilations recently I felt I should try and keep the ball rolling. Spintwist Records is a label started by Vaishiyas and this is the 2nd installment of the Still Fresh series. The tracklist is impressive, but obviously the first thing you notice is the cover with the vampire teeth and the...what is that, a mango?


I haven't been out of the country in 2 decades so I don't know how the world is taking this recent vampire infestation, but here it has flown past embarrassing levels.



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Vampires aren't real. F*ck where did you get bit, Key West? Whatever. They are not real.


Lemme let that sink in . Go ahead...I'll wait.


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Yep, they aren't real. I realize I have just pushed every goth, pre-teen, and chick waiting for the perfect man over the edge so let's talk about it.


Being a vampire sounds pretty cool doesn't it? Immortality? Oh yeah, until you outlive anyone you ever cared about. And God help you if you become one before puberty. An eternity without getting laid? Having sex with a 10 year old is still pedophelia you sick f*ck. Where's that f*cking wooden stake, I'll do it myself. No wonder that little girl in Interview with a Vampire was so pissed off.


Say goodbye to eating normal food. Burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti...gone. Nope, now you have to feed on the blood of the living. This would have immediate impacts on three industries. Fast food, video game, and the swingset makers of America. There's a movie that hasn't been made yet. And why are there no fat vampires? You figure they would be the easiest to catch. Talk about a food source that can't get away. Anyway less food choices than a vegan. I saw this Swedish vampire movie where the chick had one piece of chocolate and got violently ill. One piece.


As a vampire now you have to be wary of churches and their crosses. It'll burn you. There's a church on every corner like there's a liquor store and pawn shop in every hood. So now your movement is restricted even further.


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"Yep...I'm strapped."



Most importantly however you cannot go in the sun because it will kill you. No surfing, going to the beach and checking out the bikini clad ladies...hell, you can't travel by day unless you're in a box of dirt. Can't even go to the store and get some milk and even if you could, you can't drink it.


So...I love the beach, double whoppers, my family, and the ability to go outside way more than the "romantic" idea of being a vampire. They're just not real. If you feel the need to bite someone, go bite fatty over there.


Now zombies...that sh*ts real.




Still Fresh- Sideform are Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic and I haven't heard a bad track from them. Not one. They released their debut album Moving On this year and I've been meaning to check it out. This one has a driving beat with good effects and washes in typical wide open progressive style. Gots some ummph it does. Kicks in the door with a good groove and serves as a good opener.


Floorward- German Benjamin Halfmann also released an album this year called Weekend Society. The bass and kick are punishing as effects echo and bubble to the surface. At the break the main melody arrives and picks up outlying melodies that thicken it up. The groove is pretty good also. 2 good tracks right out of the gate. But like a fat kid on a see-saw...it's going down.


Nice Day- Don't know who these two are, but may I suggest careers as magicians rather than DJs? Only a magician could take a 30 second track and stretch it to 6 minutes. It's a Billy Idol sample used repeatedly over a weak beat. Craptacular.


Posted Image




Osc On- Label head on deck! Now this had a really cool percussive vibe and a great bass line trick that only shows up at the beginning of every measure. It's funky as sh*t and wished it would continue, but when the plucky lead sound and the hi-hat are on the same beat it sounds jumbled. There was potential here.


Learning To Fly- This is Hugo Venegas from Mexico and he houses things up. Any points he got for a funky flow are summarily revoked with a God awful sample that kills all flow and coolness.


Posted Image

Even Oj thought this was a bad idea.



Windows of Our Soul (Krama Rmx)- Holy crap there is more cheese here than a porno with a story. Absolutely terrible but the worst is yet to come. We've all heard bad samples, but when this one said and I quote.."If you think you're not dreaming...you just forgot your dreams."


How f*cking poignant. This is why people make fun of our music sir.


Twist N Spin- Kevin, you can clean this sh*t up right? Well, not really. More housey style with a simple melody. It's like diet coke. They took all the stuff that made Coke great and you're left with this. What happened?


Audioslave- Ok, we've made it to the Zyce appearance. Vertex is a duo that released the awesome Ocean album, so perhaps there is some salvation here. It's got some nice oscillating waves and a thumping bass line. I'll give you that. Not the most elaborate thing I've heard from this project, but it's a beacon of hope amidst a sea of crap that's for sure.


Fe Natural- "Although there have been suggestions that space time may have a discrete structure I see no reason to abandon the continuum theories that have been so successful."


Meh. Just throw it on the pile with all the other never to be remembered generic crap. It's not terrible, but I've had farts that hang around longer.


I Don't Want- What a fitting title to end this exercise in get the hell out of my CD player. It may seem a little harsh, but you drove me to it.

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F*cking hell this went downhill fast. That sound you heard was the screeching halt my run of good progressive albums came to. I was going to compare this to chinese food, but at least with chinese food it takes 20 minutes to get hungry again. After the first two tracks and the Zyce appearance this was a brutal disc. Full of bad samples and unmemorable boring rhythms. Still Fresh? Hardly. Maybe you could get full on this if like an apple you cut out the brown areas. Maybe. But you would need like, 6 apples.









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