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Ghreg On Earth - T³


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1. The Lost Coast

2. Tea Time at Lonliness Chasm

3. All Paths Pronoia

4. Subterranean Bliss

5. Permutation City

6. Diabolical T¹opologies

7. T²ime Body Mechanics

8. SuperLucid T³rajectory

9. Neverware?

10. Apex Stellarium



This review was originally published on http://www.beginnerd...reg-on-earth-t3 and http://forum.isratra...rth-t-usp-2009/



Ghreg is back with his second album T3. This time hes on a brand new label called Underground Sound Promotions, a label dedicated to promoting the underground sound and not so known artists.

Ive been waiting for this follow up for quite some time, so Im quite excited to be doing a review of it. I figure I may as well start of BeginnerDJ with this review, something out of the ordinary for most but something I think youd like.


After his first album, Sigilweaver, its hard to believe Ghreg can follow up such an amazing album. This time around, T3 pulls out a lot of the stops and just smashes your face with dark psytrance beats.

What makes Ghreg so great is that he doesnt fall into the usual dark psytrance crowd. Darkpsy is iffy at times because a lot of producers just dont put a lot of effort into the genre, you always end up with basic basslines and non inspirational leads. Ghreg on the other hand just sends you through all sorts of mind fucts wizzy noises, great sampling, and basslines which make you shit yourself.

So, lets take a look at the new album T3 by Ghreg on Earth.

With all pretentiousness aside


The Lost Coast

Although starting out a bit slow, this track builds up into a bit of guitar sampling and glitchy symphonics which reminds you of some twisted carnival ride at the hands of a drunken conductor. Its not so much that it pounds at you but instead it acts like a warm up of more to come. With T3 opening with The Lost Coast you know Ghreg is back.


Tea Time At Lonliness Chasm

Is the best track on this album in my opinion. Typical Ghreg on Earth bassline with haunting atmosphere takes you somewhere else. Such a dark psychedelic beast from deep abbys!!


All Paths Pronoia

All Paths Paranoia is a simple but really great track. The best part about this track is the electronic voices throughout the song that talk to you. Ive always been a big fan of producers who try to have their synths talk to you so this track hits it right on the head. It finally ends in a torrent of clangy and glitchy noises, spinning round and round, almost dizzying but such a wonderful sickening feeling.


Subterranean Bliss

Subterranean Bliss opens with punchy kicks and a nagging stab. Like the name, it gives off this vibe that youre descending into some kind of darkness. You get the sense that youre beginning to loose your direction. This is the point in T3 that it begins to move you, youve been bobbing your head but now youre getting in a bit of the body.


Permutation City

Ah, now were really getting into the essence of Darkpsy. The bassline is much thicker and dark, the ambiance is beginning to take a cryptic tone and alertness. Like the title, its like youre in some post-apocalyptic world set to a soundtrack of terror.


Diabolical T¹opologies

This one is just a filler track, a bit of dark ambiance and moodiness that warms up the next track


T²ime Body Mechanics

This track came out of left field! At first it sounds like youre about to listen to a DnB track but the ambiance fades it away, but then, oh shit, it comes back to this Darkpsy DnB beat. This track reminds me of a slightly slowed down Neurofunk track, but with a lot more psy undertones. Time Body Mechanics is a nice transition and breakup of the album, setting the next tone for the rest of the album.


SuperLucid T³rajectory

What a sick track. Ghreg begins to experiment with darkpsy dubstep. Ive heard some dark ambient dubstep before but this is completely different and unexpected. I really wish the track was longer than it was, it has so much force.



After that little break of experimenting, its right back into the dark psy. This track is a doozy, hitting an 11 minutes, quite longer than the other tracks on the album. This track has this odd flute effect to it which, for some reason or another, makes me think of some demented pied piper.

Theres just so much going on with this track that its hard to describe all of the thoughts you get from it. Neverware is perhaps the best track from T3 its such a solid hit.


Apex Stellarium

The final track of T3. Apex Stellarium takes you through one final dark ride. It sounds as if youre finally leaving some forsaken land to return to the normal world. Youve finally escaped the grasp of Ghreg on Earth.



Final Thoughts

T3 is rather hard album to review because of Ghregs first album Sigilweaver, but in fairness I dont want to be judgemental and biased. You expected to be pounded by ripping basslines and squelching acid leads but instead it was much more moody and ominous.

T3 overall has this sound as if youve just entered some dark and twisted surreal world. Your journey though Ghregs land is as if hes puppetting your every move, leading you deeper into some hellish world.

Overall Id say T3 is an excellent follow up to Sigilweaver. Instead of going a generic route of filling up and album with similar songs, Ghreg has set T3 apart from his previous work by experimenting with new fusions. Both of the albums will compliment each other well and could easily be listened to back to back or even mixed up.

I like this album. It was worth the wait.

Rating: 7.5/10







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