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Ziptnf - Heavy Gravity [psystep]


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The fusion of psytrance and dubstep is a very rare thing indeed, and it is even more rare to find high quality, proper sounding tracks. In contrast to my last psystep mix: http://www.psynews.o...psybreaks/, this one doesn't have such a goofy vibe, and I actually blend the tracks. It starts very tame; accessible to anyone who likes classic atmospheric dubstep. As the mix evolves, you will experience a deeper, more sinister trip. I'm super proud of this one.


Ital Tek - Cyclical [Planet Mu]

Coda - Pablo [Wonk#Ay]

Gibson - Flooressence [Addictech]

Bird of Prey - Stargazer [Cyberset]

Bird of Prey & Chillax'n - Pipe Dream [Addictech]

Phutureprimitive - Rapid Cognition [Native Harmonix]

Audiovoid - Pantheon Of Absence [Addictech]

Mindbuffer - The Grid [Enigmatik]

S!lverFox - Breed (Bunkle Remix) [Wonk#Ay]

Whitebear - Intangible [Enigmatik]

Kosmic Wizard - Broken Monster [under Voice]

Scamp - Frequency [Wonk#Ay]

Cybernetika - Calling Mercurio [Ektoplazm]




Left click to download: http://soundcloud.co...ravity/download


Artwork credit to khan71.

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