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Twisted Recation - Lotus EP

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Artist: Twisted Reaction

Title: Lotus EP

Label: Nexus Media

Date: September, 2011


1. Overdrive

2. New Generation of Science

3. One Day


Certain labels earn respect. Nexus Media from South Africa is one of them. Run by Chris Hoy (sHifT) and Liam Gibbs (Slug) they have consistently released some of the best twilight music out there since 2004. Ever heard of the Midnight Storm series? It's like the bible for twilight music. Fast, atmospheric, and rock your socks off groovy. Best. Ever. This is Edvin Alperavitch from Israel with a 3 track EP. Let's see what he can do.



Overdrive- "That is going to leave a stain."


No more so than this track. Oh boy, a buildup in the beginning is never a good sign. Not a fan of the lead sound as it gets strangled to within an inch of its life. This was pretty generic, slightly cheesy in places, and definitely not something I expect from Nexus Media.


New Generation of Science- "Welcome, to the new generation of science."


Love the ambient beginning, love it. Totally sets the atmosphere. The bass ain't bad either as this dark rumbler puts its feet on the ground. Now this is what I'm talkin' bout! The break has a crunchy guitar that fits well with the futuristic feel but the biggest surprise comes when he gets all groovy on you at the end. While not as epic as a lot of Nexus Media's music, this is still a good piece of twilight. Nice work!


One Day- Oh crap. The Martin Luther King sample almost guarantees death for a track. Got nothin' against Mr. the King, but I have yet to hear a good track to come from his speech. There is a lot of starting and stopping with a techno feel. Then the sample gets cut up a bit and this doesn't bode well. More stops and starts and it has all the makings of glow stick cheese that the kiddie trancers should eat up.



Well you can probably tell that this was a disappointment. If you are going to get this, I recommend the 2nd track as the rest just didn't hold up to the standards of this label. I'm not mad Nexus Media, just a little sad. You can do better than this.





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