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"V/A - Hunabku"

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Artist: Various

Title: Hunab Ku

Label: Tzolkin Records. Productions. Who the f*ck knows.

Date: October, 2011



1. Red Hour - Xatrik

2. Mind Disastour - A-Mush

3. Destroy the objective - Frozen Ghost feat. Selective Hearing

4. Salvia Divinorum - System Sequence

5. Addiction - X-Avenger Vs. Z-Cat

6. Funk You - Stereopanic

7. Altered State - Cntl Z3ta

8. El Senor Mino - Ignition

9. Bafana (Live mix) - Sytomic



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Pffft. Mayans. What the hell do they know?


If they're so smart how come they went extinct like the dinosaurs? All that's left are those f*cking ruins in Mexico. And we know what kind of living hell that is. Why would you trust a race that built their civilization in such humidity? Center of the Universe? C'mon. I would like to think if they were that enlightened the center of the universe would be a little easier to get to.


End of the world in 2012 you say? Whatever. Make Diddy put out a good record, then I'll be impressed.


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I think the rule is if you can't get your arms around it, you take it back to its stall.


Nonetheless, Hunab Ku means center of the Universe in Mayan speak and that's the title of this compilation. Tzolkin is a label with 3 releases to its credit and they rock it in full twilight style. Guess what their first compilation was called? Tzolkin. I know, I know. All jokes aside (whatever) that was pretty damn good so it is with confidence that I put this on and give it a go. Also, FYI it is dedicated to one of the compilers Pirzink who apparently has been taken from this world too soon. Thought that was a nice gesture. So I hope he is reading this from heaven (whatever your definition may be) and gets a chuckle out of it.



Red Hour- Is there anyone that is more consistent in high quality twilight than Greg Hamber from South Africa? This guy delivers more than Dominoes and has been in the game for a long time now. His style is fast, cyber intensive, and extremely dance friendly. This is no exception. 50 caliber acid blasts fire at will and as the assault grows the track becomes a whirlwhind of power. Oh yeah...it's got some teeth.


Posted Image




Mind Disastour- "The security in this office park is a joke. Last year I came to work with my spud gun in a duffel bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 lbs per square inch."


Well what the hell are you waiting for brotha? French Fry party!!!!


This is another acid heavy beat down that is rhythmic as f*ck. Pure acid deluge over a rambling bass line. Some may say that it lacks any depth, but if I wanted depth I would jump in a pool. I just want some kick ass twilight psytrance and this was on point.


Destroy The Object- "This missle crisis was the last straw. We almost blew ourselves up. Now we invited you here in good faith...to sort this thing out."


Barry, now normally I love your music. I do. Sin For Dinner? Edible Techniques? Out of the Mouth (which you gave away)? Hell, the Bonestorm track is the most awesome of tracks in the history of awesome. Brilliant. Your style is sample laden hyper stuff with good grooves, but this one was a little too much for me. Always 100 miles an hour, this one hits like a mack truck and is really...loud. Abrasive, and I mean more so than normal. Maybe I'm getting older or I need to put the big girl panties on, but this one hurt my head.


Salvia Divinorum- "This is one of the most interesting new psychedelics in the world. This is Salvia Divinorum, and it is definitely one of the plants that will shape the next few decades of the millenium."


I reviewed his free EP A.R.G. from Ektoplazm and he seems like an up and coming twilight act. Reminds me of Xatrik to be honest. Acid lines flying all over the place with a nice groove and well placed samples. He went to the twilight cookbook and nailed it.


Addiction- "Not everyone can control the addiction....but you can try."


Here is a pair of artists that are new to me, like when I had my first child and had to install the child seat.


Posted Image

I don't see the problem...look at him...so happy.


Those are some nice pads you got workin' there, but something about that sample is tugging at me. Think of it like my Spidey Sense, only I call it my crap detector. Sure, at the outset all is calm with furious acid on display and you would probably be thinking, this ain't so bad. But the sample begins to dominate and the buildups begin. Trouble afoot my friends



Funk You- "You can play in the water without getting wet!"


Oh that it were true!


8 bit video game sounds give way to the rapid fire bass line and the obligitory acid force feeding. And you are just gonna take it. It's massive and groovy at the same time and there is even a sample that tells you it's funky. Samples never lie. Ever. When the metallic synths get involved all bets are off. Even the buildup was super intense. Just a bull in a china shop that says f*ck China.


What? Oh no, no, no...I wasn't talking about you...I meant another China.


Altered State- Another unknown act that has some nice acid work, but it didn't stay with me. Not bad, but when you compare it with some of the others here it just doesn't hold up.


El Senor Mino- "You just, you know...go in there, like nothing's changed, you hang out, you make a buy, walk out, easy as that."


Only 5 minutes? And two of that was probably cursing. The brothers Varela from Portugal know a thing or two about this twilight business. João (aka Zinx) recently released a very blistering EP Rampage that I enjoyed. Another project that has a nice mastery of the acid works and the boogie shoes to go with it. Crunchy and fast paced, just the way I like it. Strap yourself in and hang on.


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In the South we call that goin' hoggin'!



Fafana (Live Mix)- Another unknown to close this bit of business and it doesn't seem to fit. This is a lot fluffier with friendly melodies. How the f*ck did this make it on there? Like a ray of sunshine that escaped the darkness.


Or how my plot to kill the Golden child failed.


Posted Image

You sonofab*tch! You've won this round.



Like their 1st release it was pretty good. Pumping twilight style with a couple of monster tracks peppered among the other very good ones. Nothing was terrible and if you love your acid plentiful, then open wide and say ahhhhh!










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