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Artist: Zinx

Title: Rampage EP

Label: Terror Lab Industries

Date: September, 2011


1. 911

2. Solid System

3. Rampage

4. Hazardous

5. Annihilation (Zinx Remix) - NRS Vs. Bolt

6. My Terror Bitch (Zinx Remix) - Terror Sekt


My one experience with this label was the very heavy Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 2 compilation. Dark and intense that really had me wanting a nap after it was all over. And a hug from mommy. Twilight hyper trance is a good way to describe it. It wouldn't surprise me if this label was into other hardcore sh*t like snuff films or porn. What? They have a compilation called snuff? Get the f*ck outta here. This is João Varela from Portugal so expect that Portuguese sound and intensity.


*In no way do I purport to know what this label is into. This review is purely for entertainment purposes only.


-The lawyers


911- I heard pendejo and some gunfire. What do ya expect, the label pic has a Kalashnikov on it. The track itself has a chunky, duh duh chicka-chicka-chicka waaaooow quality to it. Very metallic sounding with leads that scrape across a chalkboard. Intense isn't a strong enough word for this hyper trance that sh*ts on light speed and takes it to ludicrous. I think João had a lot of fun chopping this thing up in numerous ways. This is like someone on cocaine needing some speed to get out of bed.


Solid System- This has a science fiction feel with a few buildups and a very heavy bass line. More hyperactivity that makes me want to dance. This is steel on steel futuristic stuff with a cloak of darkness. Nah, a cloak implies it's hiding something and that is not the case here. It's a balls to the wall right hand uppercut.


Posted Image

That poor soul's nickname was "The Fridge" which is apropos because the whole in his face could hold all sorts of vegetables.


Rampage- "This song is just like you when you get the giggles. It's great to feel this way. And it's great to hear funny music."


This track has a very big chip on it's shoulder and it dares you to knock it off. Intense twilight that still remembers that this is dance music. Very groovy with samples that make you feel a wee bit scared. The lasers eventually take over as they should and this is a serious song. There's more acid here than in your orange juice and probably equally nutritious. Great stuff.


Hazardous- "Let the games begin."


I keep going back to the cover and feel like I'm in the Matrix. Only the ending isn't a happy one. Poizon lends a hand here with some metallic machine gun fire. The effects make this an alien affair and they are on some old Timecode shit! The sample near the end was a little juvenile, but let it go, the rest is worth it. It's just downright evil with power and I haven't seen this much vile hatred since I ran afoul of my co-worker.


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"Oh no you didn't. Motherf*cker did you just eat the last piece of cake?"



Annihilation (Zinx Remix)- "Harmful and wrong."


This is a remix of a track from the A Violent Reaction compilation. It's chunky and clunky to start with lasers and squirty leads but becomes a pretty good stomper. Not a lot to say about it really.


My Terror Bitch (Zinx Remix)- "I'll show you f*cking nasty."


And he does. Shortest track on the EP, but good things come in small packages.


Posted Image

Oh f*ck...this makes Penn State look like Sesame Street.


Lasers and acid combine for an unrelenting barrage of blister. Metallic darkpsy squelches and groovy bass line manipulation make this one of my favorite tracks. It's a mover that totally rocks. Dark and twisted but fun as hell.


Hi there, I'm the repeat button.


Like acid? Good, you're gonna get a sh*tload of it. Like your trance to tell a story? Too f*cking bad, if you are in it's way you're roadkill. This is four on the floor left lane driving hyper stuff that laughs at the idea of ending it with a downtempo track. All the tracks are good with a few being exceptional. if you're in the mood for some intense and fast twilight psy, look no further.


This is the droid you are looking for.





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