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"V/A - Absence of Gravity"


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Artist: Various

Title: Absence of Gravity

Label: Sentimony Records

Date: April, 2011



1. Free Search - REACTIVE

2. God's Channel (Original Version) - ASTROPILOT

3. Sandal - MARY BRUK


5. We bring the light - ALEXANDER DAF

6. Endless Rotation - CHRONOS

7. Missing Bot - IRUKANJI

8. The third orbit - CJ CATALIZER


10. Approaching to pulsar - NEIRULA

11. Once upon a time - UNSTABLE ELEMENTS



Sentimony Records is a Russian downtempo label based in the Ukraine that was started by NeiRula and Irukanji. This release was put together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight.



Free Search- This is a lovely beatless ambient opening where the only constant is the soft hum of machinery perhaps scanning the fertile surface of an unknown planet for lifeforms. Creatures of the landscape chirp in response above futuristic pads. Got your space suit?


God's Channel (Original Version)- Dmitry brings you 10 miles above the surface of the planet with some cold, droning pads as a discussion about space time unfolds. Everything seems to move in slow motion as the light from a nearby star reflects off the faceshield of an astronaut. This must be what it's like when your floating way up there with no sounds but your breathing.


Sandal- The slow docking procedure of a vessel hums mechanically in the black void of space. Inside...it's deserted. The first beat of the compilation arrives in a methodical fashion as footsteps echo with a hollow timbre. Computer screens blink waiting for a command that will never come. Very spacious with gentle pads and a lead that rises and falls.


I'm so chilled out right now.



Tunguska- I imagine the sample is of Russian mission control speaking to their crew on a deserted space station. More droning ambient with a fast moving synth arpeggio. Could be the soundtrack to the astronaut on the cover making a few repairs.


Someone check my pulse cause I'm fadin' fast.



We Bring the Light- A short one here, but Alexander manages to bring a tribal aspect and a sparkle to the space journey. The rhythm picks up but nothing is changed. The same ambient that was happening before three minutes now has drums. It was nice, but simple and unremarkable.


Endless Rotation- "I'm completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly."


This Russian duo have their 4th album called Inspirational Power out this year and here have the longest track on the compilation. Over 10 minutes of ambient...I might need a defibrillator. But instead of droning, his pads have dynamic strings and leads that don't let the mind wander. This is seeing the sun rise from behind a planet from 20 miles above the surface. Effects that speak to futuristic progress flutter as the beat gets heavier. The sample fits like a glove as the break vibrates with electricity. Chants and a slow synth line wavers out of the break and the track has an overall positive vibe. Very nice!


Missing Bot- A far away chunky beat rumbles below some more spacious pads as a lead lightly growls. That beat germinates into an equally chunky breakbeat and this is easily the most aggressive track with scratchy synths. It's space chaos, I'm tellin' ya.


If you were really sleepy this track put an end to naptime.



The Third Orbit- Surprise, another Russian downtempo artist that brings floating pads and long, unwinding synths that drift in zero gravity. Soft melancholic tones drive home that isolated feeling one feels miles above the Earth. An awesome ambient piece that defines outer space ambient for me.


Nine- Another Dmitry (must be like Mike over here in the States) that is well known for his darkpsy, but has been making a name for himself in the downtempo arena. Here we make our first alien contact with creatures that sound like the ones found in Pitch Black. Space dolphins if you will. It has a beat and it churns which gives it motion. It's ok I guess.


Approaching To Pulsar- Ooohh, I like the gurgling metallic sweep. Metallic clankings ripple and where the other tracks marvelled at the beauty of space, this one shows you a darker side. Detuned synths provide a hallucinatory nightmare. Strings drone as a sample is drowned out. Not bad at all, but with the way it began I was hoping for something really twisted.


Once Upon a Time- They could've ended this compilation on a great note, but instead decided to put an astronaut speaking to music. All the way through. If I wanted to know about the space missions I would've gone to the library and looked it up. A sample should enhance a track, not be it.


Dis...wait for it...appointed.


This was a nice trip into space with futuristic pads and atmosphere. It was a good mix of bright and dark themes with only the Irukanji track providing a hiccup in flow. Not saying it was bad, far from it. It just seemed...misplaced. The last track...c'mon man, leave that sh*t for school. My faves? The first three and the Chronos and CJ Catalizer tracks.









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