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Ultravoice & Azax Syndrom - Keep It Real EP


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Artist: Ultravoice & Azax Syndrom

Title: Keep it Real EP

Label: Com.Pact Records

Date: October, 2011


1. Keep if Real 2011

2. Up & Away

3. Mechanical Mayhem



Fine. I'll do it.


And now for the review that nobody was waiting for. Well, that's not exactly true. When this appeared on my radar my reaction can best be summed up by this picture:


Posted Image

Oh I was salivating...


Like most of you, I knew to avoid this like the steaming pile of refuse it is. However, it occurred to me that some visitors might not be as educated as we on the status of the genre and in particular to it's players. Let's try to dissect this without getting to close because this sh*t can spread like herpes.


Also, I feel this has gone on long enough. As much as I want to rip it, It's time for an intervention.


Beginning with the cover. *Sigh* I like boobies. Love 'em actually. But I'm also an adult that doesn't need to see images objectifying women to arouse my interest of to get me to purchase something. I'm married so I get to see a great pair of boobs for free. You know who needs this? These guys.


Posted Image


So either you're catering to a portion of the population that has never kissed a girl or been on a date or...you are that population.


2nd, keep it real. What exactly are you keeping real? Here is a short list of artists that have used that as a title to their tracks.


Lost Boyz

MC Ren


504 Boyz

Jonas Brothers...what the f*ck? Ok, throw that one out.


Know your comfort zone...


Thirdly and most important is the music. My psy addiction began with early Ultravoice stuff. Everything was new and shiny, The Star Alliance brimmed with full-on power. And Azax? Regev, you will always be a hall of famer for tracks like Hagi Gat, The Covenant, Big Mystery, War of the Worlds...But like the cover I have outgrown you. Somewhere along the way you guys decided to go the commercial route and appeal to the least common denominator. That's cool, you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to make a living with this music. I tried to like this. I did. Even as a guilty pleasure. Sure there are several parts in the tracks that are groovy and cool, but they are torn asunder by the colossal amount of cheese, build ups, annoying samples, and cliche tricks that plague this genre. So yes, I tried. Man did I try.


But I also believe in redemption and second chances. You can turn this around, but you have to take the first step. Go back to the lab and listen to your old tracks. Rediscover what made them great and build on it. Please don't take my criticism as elitist as I'm an ordinary guy that just loves psytrance. Ultimately the music is what matters and this is why it hurts to see once proud artists wallow in the abyss.


This isn't music...it's a cry for help.





8 bucks for 3 tracks? Oh...you were serious....ouch.



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