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"V/A - Fahrenheit Project Part 7"


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Artist: Various

Title: Fahrenheit Project Part 7

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: May, 2011



1. Silenzio delle Sirene (album edit)


2. Millenium 3


3. Memories Maze (Flashbacks SE)


4. Feller Buncher


5. Signals


6. Final (Max Million rmx)


7. Su Abir


8. Gedanken wie diese


9. Hundred Miles


10. OnFlow




Ultimae Records is back with part 7 of their Fahrenheit series. Must be pretty good if they made it all the way to seven. Although I believe the Police Academy series kinda puts that theory to bed, don't you? It's a who's who of downtempo artists chosen and mixed by none other than Mr. Aes Dana. The letterbox is back baby!


Silenzio Delle Sirene (Album Edit)- This is Lithuanian duo Adomas Juozapavicius & Robin Graat who crafted a beautiful track to open the compilation. So rich in detail and atmosphere you would think they were doing this for 10 years. The bass line gurgles in an endless rotation as effects give it some freedom. Forlorn leads wail expectantly with some shimmering qualities as pads weep with regret. This is a track where you can sit back in your easy chair and play with your balls.

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Millenium 3- With a stomping beat right away Charles blends smooth, soft pads with throbbing synths that oscillate. The break is one of breathtaking beauty as waves lap against the shore. Deep thunderous booms make me think of entering the water from great heights as it all plays out in slow motion. Very nice.


Memories Maze (Flashbacks SE)- The very prolific Dmitry Redko continues the trend of rapid fire bass lines below airy and cloud shredding pads. The beat is progressive in tempo and while not coma inducing like his awesome ambient work Solar Walk, this is a straight ahead dream maker. Remember Risky Business? Of course you don't, you probably only go as far back as Harold and Kumar. But Tangerine Dream had a track in that movie while they were on the subway that was also in this style. Now I'm not saying go f*ck some prostitute on the train, but if you do, put this on your iPod.


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Ok, ok...don't patronize me.



Feller Buncher- This is Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik a Norweigian ambient project and I cannot pronounce even one of their names. The music makes me feel like I am in a dream state as it drifts slowly along with tendrills of electronica and swirling melodies. Soaked in reverb. They pay tribute to famous green poet Rolf Jacobsen with a sample. Don't know who that is, but it sounds like it's a little heavier than the material I read when I'm taking a dump. The track slows down as the end like some dumb tech tripped over the power cord.


Signals- Clicking and swirling pads comprise an ambient opening and then it acquires a kick along the way. This is sitting on the beach as the wind blows in off the ocean music. It's got good bounce as it floats into the clouds. Smooth.


Final (Max Million rmx)- Mr. Baumann...how do you combine eerieness with tribal sensibilities along with a glossy veneer? Slow and steady downtempo with strong bass, sharp pads, and timid melodies. Goes into breakbeat mode which gives it a little swagger. That kick is pretty massive as the guitar strings fit well with the electronic stuff. Yessir, lots of layers to chew through. Loved it.


Su Abir- This guy is from Malta and who doesn't want to hear what someone from Malta can do? F*ck I don't think I could even find it on a map. Is it near Egypt? His album Opus Eva is out now and I can't wait to check that out. Soft guitar strings, ethnic instruments and a very folksy vocal predominate as melodies twinkle from above. Metallic whining and twirling synths unravel in a melancholic tone as he adds more real world instruments...what the hell was that a basoon? 8th grade band geeks rejoice! Woodwinds has a place in psy! Good for you man. Another winner.


Gedanken wie diese- Anyone who speaks fluent German (I'm sorry...what? When did that happen?) like myself can tell you that this is German for Lemme Smang it Giirrrrrl.


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See? Stick with me...


It kinda has a positive lounge feel...if you were stranded on a spaceship travelling away from Earth that is. The bass is all sine wavy as a synth effect rotates through the track. More sad pads and mournful wails as the girl won't let him smang it...so you see, he is right to be sad. Goofy looking oompa loompa, I wouldn't let him smang it either. I think this was my least favorite and by least favorite I mean damn it was still good.


Hundred Miles- This project is called Maurizio Piazza (Maurice Pizza?) cause his name is Maurizio Piazza. Rattling, clicking, and a general fuzziness is how I would describe this track. He's got some twinkling and the thing picks up the pace to a moderate tempo, but doesn't have a recognizable...whatever. Nothing you can grab hold of. It's an effects trip with a kick and a clap. I can see where he gets the track title. Like if your car breaks down and f*ck it's a hundred miles to the nearest gas station.


OnFlow- Magnus closes the journey with more pads than that guy Bobby is kicking in the nuts.

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It's cloud surfing, on a euphoric high. As bass tones bubble underneath, positive vibes and heavenly pads caress you. It gets loud like an orchestral brass fanfare as more tones sprinkle from unicorn horns. A rainbow just sh*t in my mouth and it tasted like skittles. Very sunshine oriented.


First off I would say if you were looking for beatless ambient then keep looking. The style represented here is more of a progressive or evolving "ambient" trance with 4/4 beats as well as some of the thumping stuff. One of the reviews on Discogs intimated that this wasn't anything you could relax to.


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Wait maybe he's right. If like Michael Jackson you're addicted to propafol.


Maybe that individual only listened tot he first 3 tracks. It's meditative, it's relaxing, and it's thick with storytelling atmosphere. I like how it's mixed to provide one long cohesive journey. There is an insane amount of detail to be discovered with different moods represented. A quality release that should please all fans of the chill-out genre.









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