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Ziptnf - Advanced Weaponry [full power psytrance]


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A lot of people diss psytrance. I don't blame them, especially since the genre "full-on" has tainted the scene with an ocean of watered-down tracks, cookie-cutter basslines, boring melodies, and riffs with no energy. I thought I had divorced full-on, but I found my love again and dug as deep as I could for this mix. I've never played a mix with this much power behind it. When I finished spinning, I felt like my brain had exploded. This is my ultimate full-on mix, at the absolute maximum level of energy possible. I hope some of you are feeling brave.


Dynalogic vs Stock - Dynastock [Wakyo]

XSI - Alchemik Machine [Phantasm]

Mad Maxx - Active Noize Control [Phantasm]

Ejekt - Big Brother [Noya]

Azax Syndrome vs Shift - How Do You Stop It (Remix) [Yabai]

Toxic - Overdose [sonic Motion]

B-55 - The Mess [Yabai]

Kode Six - Tonight's Entertainment [Tzolkin]

Krox - Uglatz [As]

Dapanji vs Biogenisis - Static Move [beyond Logic]

Bliss - Hard Kore [Yabai]

Brainwash - Musical Experience [Fractal]


Turn it up! :angry:


Left click to download:

Ziptnf - Advanced Weaponry (70:01) 128MB ~256kbps


Art credit to http://sekido54.deviantart.com/

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