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"V/A - Rajanga


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Artist: Various

Title: Rajanga

Label: Rajas Records

Date: July, 2011




1. The story of Milky Way - INNERSELF

2. Analog Shaman - JIKOOHA

3. A message of hope - HAMASE

4. Osteospermum - DIMORPHOTHECA

5. Time and space - NOISE GUST


7. Disco Lsd - MIRACLE'S

8. Infaernal endless feeling (Comebackkid) - HISHIRYO

9. Tsukiakari - EVIL FAIRY



So the question I'm asking is "Does goa trance increase sales?"


Because, looking at that tracklist, the first two have no f*cking business being there if they don't. Think of the first two tracks as a kidnapped white chick and the rest a black midget kidnapper that is holding her against her will.


How absurdly arbitrary. Really? Think so?


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"Oh no you don't! Get the f*ck back in that box b*tch! You're ready to ship"


And that's also the reason I had to hear it. This is the first release from Rajas Records and it is clearly a darkpsy compilation with two goa tracks to start. Were they afterthoughts or did someone lose a bet?



The Story of Milky Way- "Let us travel now at the speed of light. Departing from our star on a trip across the cosmos toward the edge of the known universe."


Sounds great, but can we stop by my house so I can pick up my toothbrush and this months Penthouse Forum?


What? I get it for the articles.


This is Kristijan Petkovski with an opening goa track. His EP Revenge of the Sun didn't thrill me, but this is miles better. Someone's been practicing! It's very spacey with juicy leads almost forest like. He's not going to pummel you with tons of layers, but the ones he does use are very effective. The track thickens with twisting synths that are quite appealing.


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Analog Shaman- This is Jun Iwai & Masakazu Shimodi and I'm so excited, they friended me on Facebook!




Only thing is, everything they post is in Japanese so on my screen it just looks like jibberish. That's cool and so is their style of goa trance. It bubbles and sparkles while it pounds the laziness out of you. The melody at the break is odd but that's just how they roll. Not clones that's for sure, and you find yourself either loving it or hating it. I love it. The whole track reeks of diving into a pool of psychedelia and because I forgot the ol water wings, it's sink or swim baby!


Message of Hope- Hamase? You mean like the terrorist organization? Actually no, this is Satoshi Hamase and he is even older than I am! It's a dark type of track with a rolling bass line and spooky effects and atonal melodies. Darkpsy without the child sacrifice and devil worship. Not a big fan as it comes off as rather boring so my message to him is to make a better track.


Osteospernum- No clue who this is, but we have definitely ventured into darkpsy territory. I would recognize that bass line anywhere. Like the sounds of screaming torture? Me neither as this is just evil effects over that bass line. Melody? Forget it. This is Pinhead's soundtrack.

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Time and Space- "You're not listening to me. There are other things that need to be taken into account here."


Just so you don't think I hate all darkpsy (I don't) this one appealed to me. It's much faster and the effects enhance the frantic nature of the track. This is Kagetoshi Nakamura and his vibe seems more on the organic forest side of things. It's scary for sure, as he layers the effects in an auditory nightmare. Hell, it almost seems as he brings some melody to the darkness. But let's be clear... there won't be a Vibe Tribe sighting here. This track bubbles and evolves into different phrases so it's not just effects over the same bass line.


*Looks askew at Dimorphotheca*



Don Don- Fatal Discord is Masayoshi Suzuki and he also veers towards the dark forest type of thing. Computer effects, screeches, rapid twinkling tones...you know the drill. Like the previous track the effects are varied so it's much more interesting to my ears. Bubbling and intense.


Disco LSD- I think you would have to be on LSD to think this was disco. It's fast and the effects race up and down like a politician's poll numbers. What must the dancefloor look like with music this intense and chaotic. In my mind it's all vampires in a mosh pit. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Infaernal Endless Feeling (Comebackkid)-French darkspy? I think it's just darkpsy that makes fun of you. Well it wins the loudness war in any event. What f*cking noise. I know art and taste is subjective and thank God it is. But at what point do we come to our senses and realize not all turds can be diamonds?


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Friends don't let friends drive while listening to darkpsy.



Tsukiakari- The only thing I took away from this track was the children's choir.



I suppose the Hamase track was the bridge, but this is a Japanese darkpsy compilation. Make no mistake. The first two tracks were actually pretty good, so it's my hope that they don't get lost in the shuffle. The rest have plenty of evil effects and high tempo anger to satisfy fans of the dark genre. Not much for darkpsy, I did enjoy the track construction of Noise Gust and Fatal Discord but what the f*ck was the Hishyiro track all about? Want my advice? Take the two goa tracks, get the f*ck on your bicycle and get the hell out of here.


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