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Psycle Presents: The Monster's Ball

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Psycle Presents: The Monsters Ball


Summer madness and funtimes fading, we look to darkness never ending. With the dark comes frights and scare, dare you enter our sordid lair?

With terror hiding round each corner, we thought at least that we could warn you.


The scariest thing you'll see its true - the biggest monster could just be you!


Posted Image

Posted Image



Monster Room - Hard Psy:



Caveman - Psycle

Silent Sound - LIVE

Refractal - Brightonpsysundays - Live

Cheryl Technomedic - Catawampus records



Safe Heaven - Psy Chill:



Petran - Psycle

Iacchus - Timewave Records

Indigo Herder - Psycle / Musika / Ascension

Heather - Psycle



Drinking room of DOOOOOOM!:



2Decks1Drum present Matt & Nick - The Alley Cafe

*Soulwax Meets the Bongo Band*






£7 Entry / £5 with Monster Dress

Monster Mad wonderland of decorations...

Pure Audio Funktion 1 Sound system

Metempsychosis Lighting, Laser and Projections


Flyer Design: Jenna Michelle Pink - Fine Artist and Illustrator









Facebook Event : Here!

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