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  1. Main Room: ---------- Jim'll Mix It // (Goat Ranch, Kanyini) Sporophore // (Kanyini) Live set Lunar Seed // (Ourmass) Live set Prognosis // (Ourmass) A night of proper psychedelic grooves, from uplifting Goa, through hard psy-tech, to the very cutting edge of modern psytrance. Back Room: ---------- Heather // Psycle Petran // Psycle & Ascension Indigo herder // Psycle & Ascension With benchmark beautiful lighting, the Psycle Residents will bring you the most relaxing chill out room this side of a Bar Room: Shenanigans hosted by Sh!t & G!ggles // ------------------------------------------------- Funktion 1 Quad stacked Sound System Metempsychosis Lighting Psycle Decor Flyer by Jenna Michelle Pink The Maze 257 Mansfield Road £5 Entry 10pm until late... http://www.psycle.info http://www.themazerocks.co.uk http://www.jennamichellepink.co.uk
  2. The winter days are very nearly gone, so it's time to get the pixies and the elves to sow your brain noggin's back together and celebrate a special time of year! We all love variety, it is after all - the spice of life... And what better way to show this than bringing top quality party crews from far and wide to take centre stage and show Nottingham how its done: On with the show----> ***Main Room - Wales's one and only psilocybe tribe: -lorraine (Psilocybe tribe) -Spektral (Psilocybe Tribe) -Pentre Elf (Psilocybe Tribe) -Elden (Symbiosis) ****Back Room - Bristol's *mAssIvE* Avalaf Crew: -Acid Death Squad (G-Zus - L-Tech - Deleted Scene - DJ Bloodaxe) - hard, fast, dirty, heavy. -Dub.Son - rinsin jungle and techy d'n'b. -The ARD Unit (Lemon Squash - Gundrilla - Rastafairy) - reggae, dancehall, ska, punk, dub. -Betamax - eclectic bassy madness. -Hezbollah - hip hop, garage, jungle-tek -DJ Cretin - breaks and ting. -The Milk Man's Child - mixed up motown soul assassin. *****Bar Room - The Laughing Room / I'm too old for all this: - Pinch Pennys 'it's nice to be home' set - Caveman digs back to his roots - Gerant the welsh Warrior - Indigo herders Chillout set - Gypsy Smith takes a muzika break! Heavy Sound : Pure AUdio Beautiful Light : Metempsychosis Random Decor : The Psycle Collective RandomLink : Big up the Alley Cafe! Much love to : The Highness Boys & Back2Basics! **10pm until 4am** £7 entry / full fancy dress £5 (no theme!) The Maze 257 Manfield Road Nottingham NG1 3FT The Links: http://www.psycle.info - New website coming soon! http://www.jennamichellepink.co.uk http://www.themazerocks.com http://www.avalaf.co.uk http://www.myspace.com/lorrainepsilocybetribe http://www.thealleycafe.co.uk !!! http://www.myspace.com/highnesssounds !!!
  3. Only once a year does this magic time come by, when a mystery man packs his sack and makes his reindeer fly. Merry times and happiness, even though its cold outside. Rest assured this happy time, is happening worldwide! We'd like to thank everyone for their love, help and effort in getting Psycle back on the road this year. Countless hours of effort, love and creativity have gone into making Psycle what is. This night is dedicated to all the unsung heroes of this event. There are no words that can express how much you have all changed our lives. To all the people behind the scenes: We all love and thank you. :Psycle: --------- Skyhighatrist - Catawumpus Records http://www.catawampus-records.co.uk/Catawampus_Records/Skyhighatrist.html Gary Normal - 2TO6 Records / Psycle http://soundcloud.com/gary-normal-2to6 The Ketawolf - Psycle / Muzika / Ascension :The Laughing Room - The Grotto: ----------------------------------------- PinchPenny - Psycle / Laughing Room http://www.psycle.info/records.html CaveMan - Psycle / Laughing Room / Alley Cafe http://www.psycle.info/records.html Sir Chumpalot - Congratulations! http://www.psycle.info/records.html Santa Himself - Psycle :The Demo Collective: -------------------------- MARSALI - latin, african & caribbean beats http://www.mixcloud.com/marsali/ JACK B NIMBLE - waistlines, basslines & more smiles http://www.mixcloud.com/jackbnimble/ ZENNESSY - rowdy uk bass http://www.mixcloud.com/Zennessy/ TINMAN - exclusive 5/8 set ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ Soundsystem : Pure Audio Funktion One Sound. Lighting : Metempsychosis Decor : Lisa Pickford, Buckley's Wild Ride, Jenna Michelle Pink, Mark Walker (gone to Germany but not forgotten), Wendy Johns & Pinch Penny loves Xmas The Maze 257 Mansfield Road http://www.themazerocks.com/ 10pm - 4am £5 Entry Flyer Design: http://www.jennamichellepink.co.uk/ http://www.psycle.info/ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=243381409054072
  4. Psycle Presents: The Monsters Ball Summer madness and funtimes fading, we look to darkness never ending. With the dark comes frights and scare, dare you enter our sordid lair? With terror hiding round each corner, we thought at least that we could warn you. The scariest thing you'll see its true - the biggest monster could just be you! Monster Room - Hard Psy: ------------------------------- Caveman - Psycle Silent Sound - LIVE Refractal - Brightonpsysundays - Live Cheryl Technomedic - Catawampus records Safe Heaven - Psy Chill: ---------------------------- Petran - Psycle Iacchus - Timewave Records Indigo Herder - Psycle / Musika / Ascension Heather - Psycle Drinking room of DOOOOOOM!: -------------------------------------- 2Decks1Drum present Matt & Nick - The Alley Cafe *Soulwax Meets the Bongo Band* Info: ----- £7 Entry / £5 with Monster Dress Monster Mad wonderland of decorations... Pure Audio Funktion 1 Sound system Metempsychosis Lighting, Laser and Projections Flyer Design: Jenna Michelle Pink - Fine Artist and Illustrator Links: http://www.psycle.info/ http://www.jennamichellepink.co.uk/ http://www.timewave-records.com/ http://www.catawampus-records.co.uk/ Facebook Event : Here!
  5. ..::Main Room::.. ..::Sacred Media::.. This month we are very proud to welcome No-Umm from Sacred Media. Amidst our UV and lighting wonderland and a Funktion 1 quad stack, No-Umm will combine elements of psychedelia, dark trance, and powerful atmospheres. His music varies from slower house tracks up to high BPM dark trance all the way across to trip hop and dub-step, always making an effort to explore the unknown and experiment with different vibrations. You can listen to tracks from No-Umm here: http://www.sacredmedia.co.uk/ Backing up No-Umm we will be welcoming Gary Normal to join us since we have been back, and of course... Caveman! ..::Back Room::.. ..::Version Excursion::.. The Back room welcomes Version Excursion, A new night from a Nottingham legend! Version Excursion aims to play all the songs you know and love in ways you've never heard before... Mykee Wilding and Boystrike will be heading up the room... ..::Bar Area::.. ..::Music With Bark On::.. This month will see Music with Bark On hosting an full amped open mic session, bring you instruments peeps, because your the main act!!! Of course, we will Metempsychosis Lighting, and wonderland of decor from Lisa Pickford, Mykee Wilding, David Rodgers, Neil Buckley, Jenna Michelle Pink Wendy + Many More! The Maze 257 Mansfield Road Nottingham 11th June 2011 10pm until 4am £7 entry http://www.psycle.info/ http://www.themazerocks.com/ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=213381435349200
  6. We are very proud to announce Psycle's Masquerade Ball. A night of slinky psychedelic decorations, mind bending music and masked madness! Fancy dress and hidden faces are a must... The Line Up: ***Main Room*** Sprocket (Catawumpus records / Fish n Trips) - Live set Nimbus (Inocybe records ) - Live set Indigo herder (Psycle / Muzika) Cave Man (Psycle / Laughing Room) ***Back Room - The Demo Collective*** ///Raising money for 'Independent Street Carnival Troupe'... Bobby Gandalf (afro-bass) DJ Bizmarc (deep ukfunky & techno) Nimble Jack (waistline/bassline/general niceness) + Live Acts ***Bar Area - The Laughing Room*** Maxi Dread (Back to Basics) Pinch Penny Shut In DJ Colander Thats right... The rumours are true. Our beloved Maze is expanding to accommodate three rooms of squelchy music and tantalizingly tasty naughtiness. We thought it was only fitting to welcome The Demo Collective, Nottingham's long standing charity event to help us celebrate the growth of this new venue - and we'd very much like to celebrate with you! Masks are a must, and to reflect this: £5 with a Mask / £8 Without!!! We will be running from 10pm until they kick us out, so get down early to make the most of the shenanigans (you just knew shenanigans was going to sneak into the blurb somewhere... hehehe) **Joining us, will be the ever extravagant:*** The Pure Audio Funktion1 Soundsystem Metempsychosis travel light parade Vyrus Visuals VJ extraordinaire ...and the decor making skills of alot of people :-) http://www.psycle.info/ http://www.themazerocks.com/
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