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Wizack Twizack - IV

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Artist: Wizack Twizack

Title: IV

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: April, 2011


1. Lejon

2. Monolog Dialog

3. Roetter

4. Free Transform

5. Active Galaxy

6. 2 Braincells

7. Crystal Castle (with Virtual Light)

8. Nute Gunray (with Virtual Light)

9. Osirus

10. Paralyzed (with Nevarakka)





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Hey, Tommy.


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Can you shut it off for like, 5 minutes, I'm doing your intro. Jeez. Listening to Tommy Axelsson's music can sometimes elicit pretty frightening images. He is one of the rare breed of artist that can either drop deep into the black void of darkpsy or deliver melodic unease with his brand of twilight. This is his 4th album simply titled IV. I think Beyonce titled her album something similar so perhaps a collaboration is in the works. RnB psy? Meh, probably wouldn't work. While you may argue who is the bigger diva, there is no question Tommy knows how to craft a track. Dark and melodic forest music is his name and fear and detail is his game.


Lejon- "But methamphetamine in particular got my interest and concerned me...it blows away anything else that's out there."


Ever see meth mouth? Absolutely nasty. Stay off drugs kids.


The first track is a mid-tempo bouncer with a galloping bass line and effects sprayed from all sides. Kinda like an upbeat Atrium Carceri. Sounds swirl in this dark forest as leads rip and howl in the darkness. He never gives you too much to start, but enough to let you know you took a wrong turn. Dark and pretty deep with a scary edge as the only melody appears at the end. Took me a while to get it, but I'm on board.


Monolog Dialog- "I don't know...who am I?"


More evil effects as the tide rises and the gurgling begins. He hits you with an eerie melody and it feels like Satan is laughing at you. The sample is hurried speech (Swedish?) and comes across as freaky. Another bouncer that goes by too quickly with rich detail. I like how he directs leads into pools of effects so as not to make it a totally dark experience. I'm saying there might be a light at the end of the tunnel...but it might also be an oncoming train.


Roetter- With a quick cliff notes description of psytrance via the vocoder we are off. But you can't see much because the forest is so f*cking thick. Green and dripping with phosphorescence maybe you could grab hold of that melody to lead you out of here. It will only get you so far though because the canopy is very, very dense. Modulated sounds ripple as creatures bellow from the cover of darkness. Spooky, you twisted bastard.


Free Transform- Acid wobbles and minor key leads twist you around. Feel that? That's the fetid breath of the troll as he plies his seductive dance.


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Oh God. I think I threw up in my mouth. More effects the creep you out as you fall down a hole...well, more accurately you were pushed. Synths wash over you like slime as the search for an escape continues. Hallucinatory layers finish out the track. Nice combination of forest and goa vibe.


Active Galaxy- This one comes out heavier with just as many foresty nightmares. Frenzied with swirling acidic washes and bubbling darkness, he brings the thump and remember, you were pushed down this hole. The melody storms out and is blazing hot to the touch, but for me the effects were the star of the show. They're everywhere and give the feeling of being surrounded.


2 1/2 Braincells- "Just forget it"

"Aw c'mon, it was probably just a hallucination."

"This...is no hallucination."


You better believe that sh*t. So much goes into this to make it just that. Fat analog bass sounds meander in the opening and synth screams pepper the ears as effects bubble yet again. Distorted acid leads bounce and metallic weirdness echo in the darkness. I swear I can see people's faces melting as leads go in directions I know I didn't see coming. Like tuning a radio with lots of static, but it's not annoying. Just frightening. This is what I feel like as Tommy tells his story.

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Crystal Castle- "Soon you'll be one..of..us."


He builds the nightmare with eerie samples, spooky leads, and otherworldly effects. He changes leads so often but still maintains his vibe. Very detailed even if it is one of the most full on of the tracks. Distorted, modulated, moaning, screaming synths combine in a very effective tune.


Nute Gunray- Nute Gunray, is that like the B-movie hero of this tale? You know...."Alien hordes threaten to overrun planet Earth. We need a hero. Starring...Nate Gunray!" Sure it's full on, but with his effects and where he places them, I don't care. No space is wasted as it is filled with sound, and damn if he doesn't drop a 303 in there. Washes and a running bass line keep this in twilight territory as synths shimmer in the moonlight. Very full track with a sinister goa vibe. Now that would be something I would like to see Tommy do, combine forest and goa for a full album.


Osirus- This was the only track I didn't like. As per usual it was effects based, but didn't seem to have a focus. Dark themed but it just didn't appeal to me. It's ok, dude...they can't all be home runs.


Paralyzed- Last track and he finishes with a bang. Full on laced with some horror movie type effects. Lasers and acid take their place and bring this to stormer level. It's full steam ahead with no looking back as the synth riff pummels the listener. Really good, like EU used to do before aliens kidnapped him and began releasing sh*t under his name. Easily the most full power track on the disc.



It took me a while to get into this one. It begins slower than his usual tempo, but once you get into it you won't be disappointed. Anybody who likes his brand of dark/twilight/forest sound will recognize the scary detail invested in this. This isn't an album that hits you right away. It took many listens and then when I was giving it a go before the sun came up it fell into place. If you're looking for something to dance to, go elsewhere. I'm not saying it's not groovy, but it's the storytelling and lush atmosphere you should be clinging to. Also, in that same vein, it's not a storming wall of sound where you're blown away as he really paid attention to the details. He put a pair of headphones on the cover for f*cks sake. What does that tell you? Tells me that he doesn't give 2 craps if you dance to this, he wants you to hear it on headphones. Different, still dark and rich, but still capable of giving you aural nightmares. Hallucinatory goodness, I would say.










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