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Various Artists - Dark Room Beats [ Aleph Zero , Aug. 2010 ]

Spiral Mind

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Various Artists - Dark Room Beats [ Aleph Zero , Aug. 2010 ]





Track List :


1. Altair- Outsider Looking In 5:48

2. PhasePhour- Tetraphobia 7:08

3. Ovnimoon- Cajita de Sorpresas 5:22

4. Krusseldorf- Boxing 4:11

5. Omnimotion & I Awake- Rebooting Daisy 4:50

6. Hibernation- Yangchin Jazz 4:15

7. Good Rester- Dark 3:42

8. Alexander Daf- One Point One 4:15

9. Aligning Minds- Tee-child 5:12

10. Robert Rich- Moth Wings 5:13

11. Vataff Project- Owl 7:50

12. Shulman- One Step Closer (Eitan Reiter & DJ Shahar remix) 10:28

13. Minilogue feat. Inid Imman- When the Roof is Low, Open your Heart and the Sky will Follow 5:00



Review originally published on isratrance.com


Written in 2010.


Highly atmospheric and electrifying nocturnal lush sonic dreamscapes of hauntingly beautiful downtempo electronica, ambient and idm, wrapped in a delicate psychedelic aura and gentle glitches. Another top quality, innovative and fresh release from one of the most creative and diverse record labels out there- Aleph Zero. This compilation features well known artists in the electronic music genre from all around the world, and each and every one of them provided a unique and cutting edge track that fits comfortably into a concept of late night traveling through our own imagination. Not sleepy, but groovy and trippy, urban and introspective, this compilation is dark but filled with luminous heartwarming textures and melodies. The lights are off, the curtain falls, the journey begins. . .


Ovnimoon - Cajita de Sorpresas


Dark Room Beats has a lot to offer, from the crispy beats and deep vibes of Altair's opening track to the soft dubby movement, hypnotic weird manipulations and stunningly processed vocals of track 5 by Omnimotion & I Awake; from the spacey lounge of Yangchin Jazz by Hibernation to the mysterious organic flavours of Alexander Daf and Robert Rich. The story (compiled by DJ Shahar and Yaniv Shulman) is constantly evolving with a strong dynamic structure, and the tracks are fading into each other in a sensitive way. One of the most attractive pieces here is Tee-child by Aligning Minds. It is a gorgeous seminal piece of sonic wonders, and I really can't wait for their full length album to be released on Aleph Zero. More sophisticated otherworldly epic sound architecture can be found on Tetraphobia by PhasePhour, Cajita de Sorpresas by Ovnimoon and of course on Shulman's One Step Closer (Eitan Reiter & DJ Shahar remix), which is one of the juiciest pieces I have heard lately. The original track is amazing, and Reiter and Shahar took it to a completely different direction and the result is absolutely brilliant. Dark by Good Rester is a short pearl but very deep and smooth, it acts like a sort of a bridge between two parts of a story. Simon Heath aka Krusseldorf, the Swedish wiz, and Vataff Project, Bulgarian magician Victor Marinov, provided the darkest tracks on this compilation. Victor's track actually touches some deeply disturbed atmospheres, it's still tranquil and beautiful, but disturbed and a bit creepy. Krusseldorf's track creates a strange atmosphere with some broken frequencies and hazy designs. Dark Room Beats ends quite calmly but maintains its mysterious nature with When the Roof is Low, Open your Heart and the Sky will Follow by Minilogue feat. Inid Imman. A very nice and mellow finish.


Minilogue feat. Inid Imman - When the Roof is Low, Open your Heart and the Sky will Follow


Recommendation: While Dark Room Beats is diverse and contains all kinds of colors and shades, all the tracks sit together very well and work as a unit that creates an interesting and stimulating sonic mosaic for the mind and soul. This is probably the best and most different compilation from Aleph Zero and definitely one of the bests in the genre in the last few years. As always from the Israeli label, the CD comes with special artwork that fits to the mood of the release. If you are looking for the strange and unique you should try this one out. Very recommended!



Available at:


Aleph Zero Bandcamp Psyshop Saikosounds Goastore Beatspace Cdbaby iTunes Amazon Beatport Juno



Enjoy :)

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