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Eitan Reiter - Places I miss that I haven't been to


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Label: Aleph Zero Records
Catalog#: AlephZ15
Format: CD, Album, Partially Mixed
Country: Israel
Released: 31 May 2010

1. Underwater
2. Choices
3. The way too...
4. See What I See, Hear What I Hear
5. Eggplant Week
6. Friends
7. Coffe
8. Smile
9.My Window
10. Room Of Creation
11. Just Another Night (part 2)
12. Closure

That place really had a big impact on me, so many years have passed, but still I often think about it. The sun is heading towards it's nightly rest, giving away a piercing tone of yellow over the landscape, trees are rushing by, there are cottages littered among the vivid green fields, some manors as well, but they appear with longer intervals. Some horses wander around their relatively vast enclosures, an eagle swiftly and nobly flies through the air into the sun. It's a really fantastic pastoral view that is ever changing before my eyes, that sense of constantly arriving and constantly departing induces a sense of ease throughout my being. Despite this visual symphony that is going on in my field of vision I can only think of that place, I miss it, and as ever more beautiful panoramas are appearing before me, that sense of a place, somewhere, sometime, grows stronger, it feels so familiar. And I realize, it's a place I could call home, yet, baffling as it is, I've never been there, nor do I have any idea of where it is. Some say it's an inherit feeling of paradise, when we as humans lived easily on the grass lands of Africa, but maybe it's not a lost memory, maybe it's a longing, a feeling of travel to unknown whereabouts, maybe it's a destination. Or maybe, the destination, is the journey.

Eitan Reiter is an artist that is not afraid to make exactly the music he wants to. “Places I miss that I haven't been to”, is really not your typical downtempo album, if it is anything it is very unique, mysterious, genre crossing, experimental and daring. Daring because it is so vastly imaginative, original, and extremely varied. Just as when I was sitting on the train and the landscape was constantly changing into something new, Eitans music has that same characteristic, but yet there is still a coherent picture conveyed by the music, just as landscapes just don't go from dense lush forests into dry deserts over no stretch of land. The music varies from elevated, pristine, to modestly happy tones over to deep melancholic vistas and into mysterious unexplored psychedelic realms, this is an album that has a very wide emotional scope. But don't worry, you won't be thrusted into different emotional states, Eitans seems to have realized the dignity and importance of patience, letting the listener smoothly cross from one emotional realm to another.

I more than once find myself asking, “Can this really be called music?” Eitan is not composing complex music, but more sounds sewn together into a subtle sonic tapestry bordering between music and just sound. The varied character of the album mediates a strong incentive to keep a listener interested throughout the whole album, there really is no way in predicting what will be up next. Producing a varied album involves high stakes, the possibility to not excel increases relative to the degree of variedness in the album, and I can quite confidently say that Eitan does excel in every department he's managed to squeeze into this album. To bear in mind is that this is a very hard-digested album, it took a long time before I realized that this was actually a great album. So my recommendation is to give this album a lot of time, and if you already have been listening to this but never really got into it, give it another chance, you might be surprised.

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Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To [ Aleph Zero, May. 2010 ]


Media formats: CD & digital




Track list :


1. Underwater

2. Choices

3. The Way to…

4. See what I See, Hear what I Hear

5. Eggplant Week

6. Friends

7. Coffee

8. Smile

9. My Window

10. Room of Creation

11. Just another Night (part 2)

12 . Closure



Review originally published on isratrance.com


Written in 2010.


Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is one of the most individual sounding downtempo electronica albums that I have heard in the last few years. Eitan Reiter created a dazzling debut album which is also the first physical release of Aleph Zero records in 2010. There is nothing even slightly ordinary about this album. Interesting, complex and quirky, it is a dream park that lets us ride on colorful waves of strange beautiful music. Though it’s possible to hear that among other things Eitan is influenced by the great music of Simon Posford, Ott, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, the whole album is completely original, fresh and Eitan’s unique touch and creativity are shining gracefully in all the tracks. Innovation and diversity are bursting from this album. It is tranquil yet groovy, delicately and cleverly psychedelic.


Eitan Reiter - Eggplant Week


Some of you probably know Eitan’s previous works. He is half of the known psytrance duo LOUD, half of the electronica, ambient pop duo Unoccupied and he’s also releasing techno/house/minimal under his own name, but I think that in the process of creating Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To, Eitan allowed himself to really explore different parts of his mind and soul and let them come out without any inhibitions, and the outcome is fantastic and intimate. There is a lot of emotion in all the tracks and Eitan’s excellent production skills intensify it. He navigated through all kinds of different styles and moods and I was enchanted already from the first track and stayed enchanted until the end of the album. I discovered more beauty and depths each time I listened to it and I still keep discovering (a usual thing when listening to a good album). I admit that though it’s very captivating already from the first time you listen, this album is not easily digested, but that’s normal when you are listening to something that’s a bit different. So, the best way to approach this album is with an open mind and without any expectations to hear something specific. Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is moving, unexpected and very dynamic, a lush crystal clear sonic fabric that provides a wonderful journey into beautifully woven and designed territories of ambient, dreamy trip hop, psychill, electronica, lounge and idm. We can always rely on Aleph Zero to release something special and they did it once again. I must say that the artwork is just as quirky and bizarre as the music, and I went for the CD + poster deal which Aleph Zero offer because it’s simply worth it.


Eitan Reiter - Coffee


Recommendation: In our times, when a lot of recycled music is getting released, Eitan manages to deliver something else, something refreshing that touches the heart deeply and with some great sound manipulations really affects the mind as well. One of the best releases in 2010. Highly recommended!



Available at:


Aleph Zero Bandcamp 2 CDs bundle Psyshop Goastore Beatspace Cdbaby Saiko Sounds iTunes Amazon Juno Beatport



Enjoy :)

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