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Syb Unity Nettwerk - The Space Puppy EP

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Artist: Syb Unity Nettwerk
Title: The Space Puppy EP
Label: Flying Rhino Records
Date: March, 1997

1. Space Puppy
2. Limited Access to the Files
3. Morphogenesis
4. Untitled

Kris Kylven is to old school goa trance what Dennis Rodman was to basketball in the 90's.


This is not to say that Kris dated Madonna or donned a wedding dress. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I'm not not saying it either. You would have to ask him.

Kris is Mr. UX the undisputed king of dark goa trance. Powerful, melodic, and intensely chaotic. I don't know why he has this project because it sounds the same. His style is unmistakable. Maybe label problems, like the Etnica guys had. I dunno. There are 3 versions of this according to Discogs and I shall review the maxi CD with 4 (actually 3 tracks; why even put that nonsense at the end and call it a track?)

Space Puppy- There it is, the Kylven UX synth that stutter steps across the sky. Pure old school goa, but wait...did the track just pick up speed imperceptibly? That lead twists like leaves in a strong breeze as it emerges from someplace very dark. There is a key change as more leads fill the sky and damnit it's getting delightfully crowded in here. If you're not twirling to this, someone amputated your legs whilst you were sleeping. Maybe it was....him!!!!


Limited Access to the Files- "My experience is but a small part in this great plan. The Venutians are here among us with great love...believe me there are many more to come. Their purpose is to help us in this world crisis. Their influence is very great as you will see. You're going to be able to meet these people, to talk with them, as well as take part in a trip to their planet. Believe me for I know it is so."

The bubbling effects in the beginning set the alien tone as he wastes no time in getting down to business. Here he goes with that synth that is thicker than a pastrami on rye from Mulberry St. I guess you guys won't get that. How about, thicker than your girlfriends midsection? Regardless, more leads pile up (not unlike the layers of pastrami...getting hungry) and I would say this track is even more intense. He has this ability to keep the entire track hypnotic even as he changes sounds or begins new phrases. Truly entrancing as leads climb higher and higher and dark whispers are spoken. The tone is delightfully alien.

Morphogenesis- Wow, starting simply enough with a bass line and a jangly synth but a no less alien environment. Juicy leads and dark stabs provide the backdrop as he reinforces his atmosphere in the break. The leads creep about like some supernatural evil and I'm sorry did I just wander into this guy's nightmare?


Good God this guy was a great goa trance producer. Just some amazing soundscapes with rich detail and plenty of melody. The beats always made me want to dance, and it was dark and delicious. You can probably still find this at some vinyl shops, but who knows. Even if you have to download it from somewhere, do it. It's f*cking quality.


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This one is killer. It must’ve been something in the air in 1997, so many wicked tunes created back then. The inspiration seem to have been through the roof. 

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