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Pakawala Festival

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Music,Culture & Art Festival


28 June - 4 July 2011



Pakawala is a joyful celebration of the many colors and sounds of our tribes united under the generous Mediterranean sun. A unique occasion for all light beings to share our similarities, differences and gifts in spirit of love and freedom.


Shanti Tribe collaborates with Fullom to bring a spirited festival for the happy people. An eco-friendly gathering, a stomping ground of true psychedelic trance, alternative stage for live bands and heart melting psybient tunes, healing area to nurture our body and soul.


We will come together once again to revitalize our spirit and join forces for a special summer to remember.


Location: Girdev Lake





-----LIVE ACT-----------


Arjuna (Parvati rec.) Italy


Atomic pulse(zoo music) lsrail


Aghori Tantrik (Sonic Tantra Records)India


Beat Chop (2 to 6 record)Iran


Bombax (Catawampus records)Germany


Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteshewara Records) Macedonia


Brain Strecth (Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)Portugal


Claw (Discovalley Records)Greece


Critical Selection(Apuruami Records)Russia


Dark Elf (Discovalley Records)Greece


Digital samsara israel (Live band)


Dissociactive (Sun Station Records)Russia


Khaos Sektor(Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)portugal


Loose Connection(Catawampus records)England


Liquid Noize (Namaha Record)India-İsrail


Mubali (Parvati Records) Usa


Nyama (Catawampus records)Germany


Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka Music) UK


Samadhi (Shanti Sound System)Russia


Transalento(live band) İtaly


Trippy Trail (Shanti sound sistem)scothland-goa


Tryambaka(1FT Groove Recors)Portugal


Therange Freak(Liquid Tune Records)Macedonia








Ant (Mind Expansion Records)Germany


Ardacadabra (Kohlea Records) Turkey


Aslandj(majimag) Turkey


Boyan (Nine Bar)Goa-Slovenia


Claw (Discovalley Records)Greece


Cromaniac (Bionic instinct rec.)Morrocco


Dsompa (Peak Records)Germany


Dejan (Shanti Tribe)Serbia


Djane Miazu (Exogenic records & MMD records)Finland


Hiroshi (Discovalley Records-Psydesuka Rec)Japan


Hazime (Discovalley Records)Japan


Hypnotic(Shanti Tribe)Turkey


Goandy (Shanti tribe)Austria


Gandalf(magic beat project) Germany


Kia (Zoo Music)Iran-Goa


Kulu (Lycantrop Records)Greece


Merry (Mindfunk Rec)Germany


Midi junkies Turkey


Moksha (Active meditation rec.)Macedonia


M.U.T.E (Hebehebe tribe)Turkey


Murat (Star Labs)Turkey


Orestis (Tantrum rec-Lycantrop rec-Mighty Quinrec)Greece


Psymo Morocco


Pixie (Bhooteshwara Records) Costa Rica


Saki (Full-Omm)Turkey


Snap Jaxx(Full-Omm) Turkey


sG4rY(Mind Funk Records)Germany


Shawnodese(Mind Funk Records)Germany


Super Sam (Goa Freak Family)Iran


Suzi (Pukkawalla Rec)Japan


Trashlords(Stones age rec.)Sweden


Teo (Discovalley record)Goa-greece


Tweek (Wonderland Project) Turkey


Twisted Kala (Discovalley-Lycantrop Rec.)France


The Seyh Turkey


Voodoo Mantra(Liquid Tune Records)Turkey


Woodpecker (Shanti tribe) Turkey


------------ALTERNATIVE STAGE--------------

Aslandj(majimag) Turkey


Deli kopek .Turkey


Digital samsara israel (Live band)


Entheogenic(Universal symbols rec.)England


jamshead sharrafi (shanti tribe) Turkey


M.U.T.E (Hebehebe tribe)Turkey


Roztal Jiva(Mind Manifest)Turkey


Slackbaba (Liquid Records)England (live act)


Tree of Pain (Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)Portugal live act


Fletcher (effecttribe) turkey




Taarus Babas (hebehebe tribe) live act Turkey


Jah luck a (dub slecta)


Whacky Whack – Technoshamans (Turkey)

















preesale ticket


february:30 euro

march :40 euro

april :50 euro

may :60 euro

june :70 euro

gate :75 euro


Organizer :Full-Omm & Shanti tribe






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