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Ziptnf - Yin's Reign [darkpsy/terrorcore] **EPILOGUE**


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Spun in the wee hours of the morning in honor of Halloween, this mix is the final chapter of the epic Taijitu saga. Yang was infected with darkness during Taijitu Returns, and regardless of the valor of his final attempt, it was not worthy of the mighty Yin. The pure evil encompassed the universe and Yin now sits on his dark throne as king of the new underworld.


I consider anyone who listens to this entire mix to be clinically insane. It's a personal challenge to listen to this stuff, as hearing this mix is a guaranteed one-way ticket to the looney bin. I don't collect much darkpsy, but I've been looking for crazy shit for a little over a year. Whoever is feeling brave or particularly weird needs to check this one out. :P




Silent Enemy - Open the Gate

Gorump Peyya vs Acid Goblins - Brain Hack

Devic vs Bodhisattva 13:20 - Magnetic Monopole

DoD - Figure it Out

Derango - Masterdamnit

-Z- - Batman

Polyphonia - Challo

Furious - Sadizmo

Ghreg On Earth - Earthcore Vortex Fluidity Data

StiTch - Powaqqatsi

Made In Space - Speed Core Massacration

Furious - Powered Psidm

Strenghcore - Synthetic Complex


To download, right click + save as:


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