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V/A - Pathogenesis by Wizack Twizack 2010

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Title: Pathogenesis

Artist: v/a by Wizack Twizack

Label: Digital Drugs Coalition

Catalogue: DIGICD018

Format: 4-Panel Booklet Jewel CD

Barcode: 881034378286

Release: March 2010 World Wide


Pathogenesis presents a new take on full power dance music. 13 gifted producers combine forces and sub-mental pseudopods to form a living creature out of their very dreams and collective unconsciously repressed emotions. Emotions that must escape into the world of physical reality. This mental creation given life has a hunger and volition to express itself and find a place in the world. From sub-oceanic depths deeper than the Marianas trench comes an unstoppable force that has a life of its own, a monstrous Beat from 20, 000 leagues under the Bass Line. This powerful beat comes ravenously forth to devour all who don't comprehend the awesome power of nature. It is after all nature that created us! And thus it is purely natural to create sick ass electronic music of monstrous proportions that absolutely devastate the dance floor and so naturally that is exactly what dancefloor wizard and psychedelic warrior Wizack Twizack does with this full power romp through the mind and body that takes us from the depths of the deepest fissures on earth to the heights of the distant constellations of our universe.



01. HiTech LoLife aka Sienis - God Bites Man

02. Loki - Fluid

03. Geonaute vs Loki - Wackem

04. Talpa - Red Fog

05. Hux Flux - StackBabbler

06. Abomination - Contradiction (Wizack Twizack Remix)

07. Tryambaka - We're Just Passing

08. Wizack Twizack - Wierd Feelings

09. Koozer Mox - Element 115

10. Verb - Mjuklandning

11. Cortex vs Mindstorm - Pathogenesis

12. Bonus Track - Prishvin Mess - Chukcha (via Digital Download for registered owners)






Artwork by Nathan Vogel aka Dr. Spook

Distribution by Saiko Sounds & Psyshop

(p) and © http://www.Geomagnetic.tv



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