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Ziptnf - Shadow Chasm [dark/twisted prog-psy]


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Hello everyone! Also known as "psygressive", this mix is a blend of dark, trippy, druggy progressive psytrance vibes that starts off relatively slowly and finishes strongly. Only a handful of producers even make this stuff. Trust me, it's not ridiculous sounding darkpsy, this is a rather fresh sound that I don't see played too often.


Tetrameth - Grinder Reminder (Remix)

Ace Ventura - Rebirth (Adam Hohmann Remix)

Shadow FX - Brain Glitch

Sensient - Brown Chaps

Grouch - Mayan Toolkit

Tetrameth - Jungle Weapon (Sensient Remix)

Cujorius One - Bruise Vein

Disfunction - Everyone

Sensient - Loose Fingers

Minimal Criminal - Red Mongolian Deathworm

Zartox - 3D Confusion

Zen Mechanics - Modified


Ziptnf - Shadow Chasm (68:56) ~256kbps 126MB


Alternate link: http://sharebee.com/416beab5


Enjoy! :D

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dude, your mixes are always wonderful. such varied subgenres of psy and you nail each one. respect


Thanks a bunch!!! I love getting feedback from all my listeners.


If you want a full set archive, you can visit it here:




Alternatively, my best mixes are listed on my soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/ziptnf (oops didn't notice you're already following me :P)

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