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Will-O'-The-Wisp - Long Sleep Plain


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Artist: Will-O'-The-Wisp

Title: Long Sleep Plain

Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Date: October, 2008


1. Influences

2. Long sleep plain

3. Damaged

4. Dawn and Dusk

5. Divided and Conquered

6. Moonlight Remix (Vs. Side Liner)

7. Echoing Melodies (Cydelix rmx)

8. Sweet stolen song (vs. Zero Cult)

9. Desolation

10. Like a leaf in the wind

11. Making Wishes



The family business strikes again! Cosmicleaf Records is a Greek chillout label, run by Sideliner(who is also the brains behind the project Mendark for those who are fluent in Purple Energy), and who happens to be the brother of Mr. Wisp. Younger brother brings his debut album which is full of cinematic ambient and aggressive downtempo. The opening track "Influences" is a tremendous soundtrack-like experience, rocketing me through space, getting up close and personal to nebulous galaxies. The melodies are heavenly and very melancholic, and he shows great work with strings and pads. The music has a cold and digital feel, but is also wide open and very dreamy. The piano in "Like a Leaf In The Wind" joins with tribal beats creating a deep and contemplative reverie. There are plenty of layers with which to lose oneself, and I can only find one minor thing that bothers me about this release. In small parts it isn't very relaxing IMO especially in a couple of the beginning tracks. How can an ambient/downtempo album not be relaxing? I find that it is very loud and frequently the sounds come across as distorted. I don't know if that is a mastering issue or he should just turn it down. Nonetheless, the music itself is quite revealing and it shows that he has a talent for combining rich atmospheres with thought provoking melody. "Sweet Stolen Song" exemplifies this with slowly churning synths at one end of the spectrum and lamenting strings high above the fray. This release seems to have come in under the radar and is definitely worth a listen. Good job.





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