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Ziptnf - Taijitu Returns **Double Mix** [Dark/Uplifting Psytrance]


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Hey, back again with more Yin/Yang battles for your listening pleasure! Both of these are pretty banging, Yin's Revenge blasts some night full-on and progresses to some serious darkpsy. Last time, Yang was a little too happy, so I removed the cheese completely. It's more full-on, but still very uplifting! :)


Click here for more information on the concept of the Yin/Yang Dragons.


Yin's Revenge


Iron Madness - Maximum Game

Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control (Toxical Remix)

Reset - Depth Charge

Cosmic Orgasm - Ignotus Scienta

Brainwash - Music for Massives

Wizack Twizack - Holographic Image

Axonic - Vector Shaping

Sym-Fyom - Utter Region

Erebus - Extraterrestrial Chai Mami

DataKult - Organized Chaos

Impaktronet - Modulation

Mr. Hades - The Freak Sequence

Stitch & PsyComa vs Cristal Scarib - Lords of Deconstruction


Yang's Redemption


Black & White - Frame by Frame (Space Cat Remix)

Aquatic - Side Off (Cosmic Tone Remix)

Domateck - Face Wash

Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown

Ziki vs System Nipel vs Ananda Shake - Magic World

XSI vs Massive - City of Angels

1200 Mics - Speed of Light (Dynamic Remix)

Phanatic - Distortion Maniac

Black & White - Spiral(Switch Remix)

Psilocybe Project vs D-Maniac - It Will Not Stop

Analyser & Dotan - Megadance

Space Buddha - Walk Thru Time

Vibe Tribe vs Freedom Fighters - No Limits



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GOod choice , Ignotus Scienta :D

My first track ever released :D Yay!!!


You made that track? Unfortunately that single track caused me to trainwreck twice when I was mixing. The kicks kept getting a half step off sync and wouldn't mix properly. It's a good track, but incredibly difficult to mix! <_< That track was the only REAL problem with my dark set.
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