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Calling the Portugal crew!

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Hi all


My blue laptop bag was stolen at the Cyberlink "Not Too Cheesy 2009" party, in Pedrogão Grande on 02.05.2009. The bag contained my laptop, soundcard, MIDI controller, passport and wallet, amongst many other things. If anyone has any information about this please contact me directly - O_O_O_D@yahoo.com. I was playing at this party for free - no fee - so this is a very very hard blow for me.


Pics of the stolen items:

Laptop bag: Techair


Laptop - Compal CL56, blue with OOOD sticker on the lid:


Soundcard - Nuendo Audiolink 96 (identical to RME Multiface):


Korg PadKontrol MIDI controller:



If I get my stuff back, I will reward anyone who helps. If anyone knows them, Rita and Sa were apparently the last people to see my bag; I was DJing in the chillout when this happened.


Thanks for your help.



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Colin this is terrible, get on those guys and tell them to put word out to their scene, hope it works out for you in the end.. :/


If not those guys are throwing you a fundraiser party

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Ive read about this on a portuguese forum, unfortunately portuguese parties are getting increasingly more chavs thats why i stopped going to parties here.


If u want i can make the calling in elastiktribe forum, its the main forum for the trance community in pt

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On that forum, elastiktribe, the party organizer said he is going to make another party to compensate for the mistakes of this one...maybe if u talk to him he will give some money from the party to u



check ur pm colin!

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My blue laptop bag was stolen at the Cyberlink "Not Too Cheesy 2009" party, in Pedrogão Grande on 02.05.2009. The bag contained my laptop, soundcard, MIDI controller, passport and wallet, amongst many other things.

i read this post on Elastiktribe forum,simply UNBELIVEBLE...


im afraid you will never get back your stuff, this is how portuguese trance scene is today... there´s no culture anymore, there´s no respect or PLUR so ever


the only party i only still see the old magic of trance in portugal, is BOOM festival, and mostly because of the foreigners and visitors entusiastics of psychedelic culture... because trance partys in portugal are mostly dominated today by other rules, and other values where all the "circus" is dominated by grups of interest, drugs and aparently THIEVES...


there was allready alot of cases, when artists arrive the partys... then they see no reasonable conditions to act, an empty dance floor (this is becoming usual, im afraid) and then the organizer simply dont have money to pay, the act fee or even the hotel expenses...

thats why some outsider artists only came to portugal with full fee payed in advance and tickes back reserved and contract of course


is unbeliveble how a well known project came to act for free, and they do this, when someone looks kind and with fair intentions, portuguese people use to take advantage of situation (i fell shame as portuguese to say this...but its true!)


there is people in portugal, that i would trust more easly in a gipsy from bulgaria, that trust on them!


i cant do nothing for you, i only wanted to give my respect and support your cause


in my personal opinion, the organizer from party has full responsability of this situation, you were a foreigner on a diferent country...

the org, should garatee that your material would be not in risk ... and full safty.


but this is the usual in portugal, you give them a hand, and they cut you the arm!

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+1 givving total support in consciousness.

+1 that left the parties here in portugal for those who don't share the same ideas as a few years ago. I just don't go anymore to any commercial cheesy party or festival


what we have left is return to that parties where were hundreds of people but all well-known every ritual the same nice people, cause nowadays everyone can check goabase and arrive to a place where they shouldn't even know that exists.

okay this is just my point of view, for sure organization should be responsible for what succeed to Colin !

Act for free is the real root of us all! So you shouldn't even had left Portugal WITHOUT your stuff back!

I can watch israeli and goa parties, japanese, bulgarian, german parties, them seems so nice to me, so many smiling faces!

even the scene in Macedonia with Abandoned Noize aka Blisargon and Nihasa, which is the dark side is amazing and powerful!

i'll go there to this summer, as well as many places while in holidays from work, i plan to learn a lot and come back to Portugal the same guy sharing more knowledgment!


I am terrible sorry , because I am Portuguese and I know how the things are over here.

they relate parties as a place to get rich.or die trying.


so don't get stuck on what happened and go on.


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