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Ziptnf - Taijitu **DOUBLE MIX**


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Hey all, back again this month with one of the most fun mixes I have ever done. This double mix is entirely based off two of the deepest of human emotions, represented by the Taijitu (literally "diagram of the supreme ultimate"). In the taijitu, everything acts as a whole, so one cannot exist without the other. That means if you download one of them, try to make sure you get the other one as well! Trust me, it's worth it. :D


Yang, the white element, is a mix with pure bliss, happiness, and joy. The ridiculously energetic uplifting mix will take you on a melodic journey that should definitely brighten your spirits. This mix was my first attempt at harmonic mixing. The first track is not psytrance, but is so absurdly happy, it had to be included.


Toby Emerson - Sleepless

Aquatica - Operatic

DNA vs Melicia - Indigo

Indra - Beat Burn

Perplex vs Sesto Sento - Music Generation

Intersys - Redstorm

Ephedrix - Lost in Velocity

Bizarre Contact - The Beach (System Nipel Remix)

Aquatica - Deep & Wild

Pixel vs Wrecked Machines - Help the Situation (X-Noize Remix)

Gataka vs Aquatica - Higher Level (Electro Sun vs Visual Contact Remix)

Electro Sun - Floating Out

Systemic - Fly On

Freaked Frequency - Light Beams





Yin, the dark element, is a mix that starts off right in your face, and progresses by warping and twisting your brain, until you finally lose your mind, represented by the last track "Becoming Insane" by Infected Mushroom. I had a lot of fun with this mix too.


Xerox & Illumination - Creature of the Night

Dizzy Mind - White Noise

Insomnia - Sequence Select

Xerox & Illumination - Virtual Violence

Burn In Noise - Ready to Rock

Azax Syndrom & Ultra Voice - Test Flight

Dark Nebula ft. Twisted System - Delicious

Mekkanikka - Micro Revolution

Cortex vs Chemical Trolls - Trapped In Bass

Toxic - White Magic

Broken Toy - Fragile

Phatmatix - Beyond Reality

Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane




As always, let me know if you take a listen, and tell me what you thought of it! :D


Since this is a double mix, and not everyone has 3 hours to sit around and listen to both, you can review one at a time, just as long as you enjoy it! :) Thanks a lot!

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