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Z Lisu - Irukanji


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Artist.....: Irukanji

Album......: Z Lisu

Genre......: Ambient

Label......: Sentimony Records

Catalogue..: SENCD006

Url........: http://www.sentimony.com/

Store.Date.: Feb-00-2009

Rls.Date...: Mar-28-2009

Tracks.....: 10

Playtime...: 68:38 min


01. Irukanji - Onset (In) [04:02]

02. Irukanji - Swamp [07:07]

03. Irukanji - Recapture The Past [05:35]

04. Irukanji - Return Home [08:44]

05. Irukanji - Hybrid Seven [06:50]

06. Irukanji - Nymphosis [08:04]

07. Irukanji - On One Wave [07:49]

08. Irukanji - Forest Speakers [08:39]

09. Sphingida - Crystal Silence [04:08]

10. Irukanji Vs.Neirula - End (Out) [07:40]


"Z Lisu" is the debut album of Irukanji project. Behind this name is standing talented musician and charismatic dj – Igor Orlovskiy, member of duet from Ukraine Sphingida (2003 - 2008). Also Igor Orlovskiy is known as co-founder of experimental chill-out label Sentimony. Created in 2008 Irukanji combined all experimental ideas and fresh twisted downtempo style. Irukanji is breaking all rules and standing beyond the scope. In his tracks you will here crazy conversion between pure psychedelic downbeats and mysterious tales.

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Artist News and Labels announcements is the place for announcements.

This is the review section :ph34r:




I have this album, it is a nice eclectic journey through a lot of different downtempo styles. From slightly trancey through glitch to ambient each track has a nice flavour & it's worth getting. I though that this was an ultimae artist with a very similar name & bough this by mistake but it was a nice mistake.


Hope to get a better review out at some point ;)

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killer artist name, crappy album... For those who don't know, Irukanji is the name of one of the deadliest jellyfish known to man. Now on to how it sounds... well, it is overall dark (as you'd expect from someone who takes the name of a killer jellyfish ;) ). Actually it made me think of some midtempo dark psy rather than chill-out. Most of the tracks use the typical trance rolling bassline (Kbbb formula) and twisted forest trance sounds but the overall tempo is slowed down to some 90-120 BPM. And this is my main problem with this album, it's always in between styles without ever really deciding what it will be. It is too fast and agressive to be called chill-out, too slow to be called trance, it is dark but at the same time not dark enough. OK, I'm not saying that this album doesn't have its moments, I especially like track no. 2 Swamp but overall I'll give this a pass... 6/10

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