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2 tracks I made this week


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All I have for reference is headphones, so if the mix sounds funny in any regard, that's most likely why.


Samples for "Vega" were ripped off the web and are of poor quality, fuzzy sounding... they're from the movie Contact, and they say "Oh it's beautiful" and "They're alive."




If any of you use myspace: http://www.myspace.com/cubicidal


Feel free to add me. :)


Edit: New link for Vega... it sounds much better now (in my opinion). http://stashbox.org/444784/cubicidal%20-%20vega.mp3

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Thanks. :)


First one is more just psychosis, second is a lot more dramatic, obviously.


Does it sound okay on other sound systems? Again it's hard to mix with just headphones, especially since my old Aiwa stereo went up in flames. :lol: Any confirmation that it sounds decent on other systems would be good.

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Awesome, good to hear... makes me feel happy about the quality of my headphones.


I've always been so quick to hash out ideas that I've never really learned what "polishing" the sound quite entails, the process of it, etc... I will have to look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

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