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That's funny..

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I decided to break into my soundcard front box, it had it's channels inverted for headphones out (what a shitty pruduct lol). It's the standard TRS connection.


Anyway, I had another TRS In, which was for the mike in. I took out the old TRS that was for the headphones, and replaced it with the mike one. I soldered it on the other side of the board (to invert the channels). Yeah I know it's a crappy job and I had to drill some new holes to fit everything nicely, but now I have this weird aftereffect - there's no more noise comming from the TRS, and also for some reason the sound is louder and alot clearer but the bass is more energetic aswell. Maybe that noise was cancelling some of the bass or something, because now it actually sounds much better?


Oh well, I'm glad at least some of the problems went away. Untill I buy an RME one day :P. Still tho I'm glad at this strange turn of events. I guess sometimes breaking in and doing some tweaks can come out as a good thing (as opposed to short-circuiting hardware hehe).


Edit: Yeah definately more crips and clear, and the bass is more loud which is causing my ears to hurt a little cos now I have to re-adjust to the sound.

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You know, having a more accurate sound is a good thing because all the commercial music sounds so much better. But now I'm noticing more problems with my unmastered projects, which kind of puts me off. But at least I know where mistakes have been made and what to improve rather then blindly thinking that the projects sounds allright.


Edit: But the great thing about having a more accurate sound output, is that the mastering effects I was using now dramatically change the sound texture. Before I could not that easily hear the difference as I tweak some knobs on a compressor, but now every little tweak here and there makes a difference. Makes me happy really. :)

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