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Psychedelic Traveller - Free Magazine


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Psychedelic Traveller - Free Magazine

"Psychedelic Traveller" is a free magazine. The magazine and website represent the surprisingly harmonious work of many scattered souls, linked by the desire to share the psychedelic scenes they know best. With the help of our distribution partners, we are spreading them out at various festivals, parties, shops and bars throughout the year.

Official release date will be April 2009.

Posted Image

Format: 12 x 12 cm (CD Format)

Coverage: 64 Pages + 4 Pages Envelope
35 Country Profiles

Print Run: 30 000

Limited Edition: 1 000 with CD

The team of the "Psychedelic Traveller" magazine is recruited of the people which have done the "Trancer's Guide To The Galaxy" in the past. Sadly the management of this magazine decided to stop the project due to the difficult economic situation of the trance scene, which in their opinion makes it difficult to finance the project, maybe you have heard about this.

The Team, most of the editors, photographers and designer don't agree to that. We think that this magazine has to be alive, as it is our common contribution to the worldwide psytrance scene. We have recalculated the project and found a way to make it possible. We also found a way to recalculate the prices for adverts and we are able to offer them much cheaper than in the past. This is our way to face the difficult economic situation of the trance scene.





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