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1. High Tide

2. Industrialize

3. Groove Salad

4. Numbers

5. Tek Freak

6. Pent Up Emotions

7. Stuck

8. Antisocial

9. Why???




This is the debut album of Greek producer Innersound.


Ok, although this album belongs in the dark psy genre it’s really different from most of the stuff out there.

Antisocial is a blend of dark psytrance with industrial and powerful techno.

First of all this has to be the album with the most loud kicks I’ve ever heard. The intensity of the kicks is unbelievable.

Also it’s full with lot of hats and rhythmic noises all over the place, powerful basses and simple techno melodies. Mechanical and rusty!


Highlight tracks are Groove Salad-a great dark, intense psy techno with amazing flow and distorted riffs, crushing your brain and moving your body,Stuck-with a forest feeling in it and very loud ending, industrial and mechanical, great track, Antisocial-fast, powerful with many layers of techno riffs and Why???- that starts as a 4/4 stomper before it evolves in a breakbeat mayhem with a distorted final melody.

The rest of the tracks are also very good. Production-wise the album is top notch and kudos at making such powerful kicks without be annoying.


If you wanna listen to something different this album is made for you. It’s one of the biggest surpises of 2008, definitely not another dark psy clone.


Maximal industrial psychedelic techno! Yep that’s it!



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