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PTX - Color Your Ears (Noya Records @ May 08)

Guy Cohen

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Hi All !


The first release of Noya Records was the "Eruption" comp. which was really good one and on this CD I found the "Terra Soul" by PTX and fall in love with it. Two months later we get the full album of Patrick Hen a.k.a PTX - "Color Your Ears".


Posted Image


Track list :


1. All in (Vs. Onyx) 142-BPM

2. Visionary 142-BPM

3. Black & White - Blade (PTX RMX) 145-BPM

4. Off the record 145-BPM

5. Terra soul 145-BPM

6. The edge (Vs. X&I) 145-BPM

7. Unbelievable 145-BPM

8. Etnica - Automatic (PTX RMX) 144-BPM

9. Test me (Vs. Rocky) 140-BPM

10. Alufa (Vs. Ofir Leibovich) 128-BPM


I must say that PTX was since always as standard full on artist for me without any remarkable points or something, so I come and listens this album without special expectations. Patrick is improving his music all the time and now after debut album and several releases on compilations, I can finally say - this guy is one of my favorites acts nowadays.

As you can see at the track list, inside the album there is few co-operations, which paints the album with varied colors. PTX current style is depend mostly on POWER & MELODIES, so one thing is sure - the boring factor is not playing here at all. The album starts strong by combination with Onyx and than going deep a bit with hypnotist tune (T2) of Patrick him self. All the way until the end, the listener can enjoy the jumping beats and many lovely melodies with emotionally touch.

The highlight track in my opinion is the fantastic tune (T6) with Xerox & Illumination - this one has no mercy at all, just madness from the first second to the last one.

The last track (T10) is lovely ambient piece with warming vibes and atmosphere of freedom.


To sum it up, "Color Your Ears" is much better and present a BIG transformation on compare to the first album, which released three years ago. I can't say it's a revolutionary release, but is surely a refreshing wind storm, especially when the full on market is full with average music and many listeners (including my self) just get exhaustion from the non-stop music recycling. So check the samples of this one and maybe you will like it as much as I do.

Last thing is - way to go Patrick for the serious improvement with your materials.





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