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RME Fireface 400 for sale!

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Hi guys,


I want to sell my RME Fireface 400, excellent condition comes with all the accessories, packaging etc plus an extra breakout cable, 4pin to 6pin firewire cable & 4pin to 6pin firewire adaptor.


I will ship worldwide as long as you pay shipping charges.


I don't really know how much they go for used as they're hard to find. I'm asking for $850 or p.m me your best offer.


I'll upload pics tomorrow when i get time.

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I'm very interested, however I would like to know the shipping costs (Pakistan - Croatia). Also I'd like to know why you're selling it?


Ok I did some "research". The Fireface should weight around 12 kilo's with it's complete package (those extra cables you have might get the weight even higher). It would cost me about ~100$ to send a 12 kg package from Croatia to Pakistan. I don't know about the other way around. The price of 850$ for the device seems very acceptable for me. PM me maybe we can arrange the deal.

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Well i'm selling it as i'm upgrading to a Lavry DA10 which has better converters, i will combine it with a RME HDSP 9632 Pci interface.


The FF400 is great but i wasn't using some of its features such as the preamps. I will buy a high-end A/D converter & preamp later on when i need them.


Anyway it doesn't weigh 12 kilos with the cables it shouldn't be more than 6 kilos.The cheapest way to send it to croatia would be via the local post office. Will cost around $35-$40.


I've sent BM6A monitors to china & a novation remote SL to Italy using the same service & they both got there fine. It's not the fastest though & there won't be a tracking number. I'll have to find out how long it could take.


I could also find out about other services if you would rather have a tracking number, they will cost more though. Will try to get you some pics soon too.


Here's an old one:

Posted Image

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