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ALCD024 - Alchemy Records presents "Echo" VA


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Title : Echo

Artist : Various

Cat. No : ALCD024

Release : 28th March 2008



Front Cover ::

Posted Image


Following on from the successful first edition of Echo Festival in June 2007, Alchemy Records is proud to present its latest release: "Echo". Featured on the CD are some of the artists who graced the Main Stage with their superb performances, including Rinkadink, Tristan, Broken Toy, Flip Flop, Burn in Noise, M-Theory, Emok, Sonic Species & Hopi. Compiled by Hamish, co-organiser and one of the UK's leading talents behind the decks, it travels from Progressive to Full-on Psychedelic and back again, put together to take you through the musical landscape of Echo Festival. Enjoy the trip. ;)



Track Listing


1.Maelstrom & Liquid Soul: React

w & p by Mikael Dahlgaard & Nicola Capobianco

2.Sketchy Pimps: Tongue in Cheek

w & p by Chris Hanson & Henry Seligman

3.Sonic Species: Lost Transmission

w & p by Alex Story & Joe Markendale

4. Fromemory: World Without Walls (Rinkadink rmx)

w & p by Alex Story & Vana

5.M-Theory: Why Here

w & p by Robert Nichols & Marcello Baccheschi

6.Flip Flop & Burn in Noise: A Besta

w & p by Chris Hanson, John Monkman & Gustavo Manfroni

7.Tristan: The Gateway

w & p by Tristan Cooke

8.Broken Toy: Beatmachine

w & p by James Copeland

9. Darshan & Hopi: Freefall

w & p by Grant Collins & Hopi


Samples can be found here

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