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Protonica / Suntree vs Given - Doxy002


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Protonica / Suntree vs Given - Doxy002

MP3/WAV Single from D Oxygen Records, 2008


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01 :: Protonica - Airflow (8:40)

02 :: Suntree vs Given - Rainy Day (8:35)


The second release on D Oxygen Records is a split single featuring music from Protonica and Suntree vs Given. As with every other release on DJ TV’s Oxygen imprint, the songs of Doxy002 blend the best of psychedelic progressive with upbeat morning trance to achieve an intelligent crossover sound. There are no gimmicks here; this is pure trance designed to captivate the mind, body, and soul. The packaging and presentation is up to the standards of Sound Field’s Ascension EP, the first output from D Oxygen. Distinctive cover art and professional mastering by Tim Schuldt and Audialize mark this digital single as a high-end release.


Behind Protonica is the German production team of Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze from Berlin, both already known from the release of their debut album Search on AP Records in 2007. Although their contribution has been previously released on Map Of Goa Vol. 3 from Yellow Sunshine Explosion, this is the first time you can purchase it online. Airflow is a bold and powerful piece of psychedelic morning trance similar in some respects to the sound of Human Blue. It cruises along at 140 BPM, smoothly building energy with a multi-layered deployment of slick melodies and sizzling noises. Very nice work.


Suntree vs Given (Alon Brilant and Tamir Plachinsky) make a strong impression with Rainy Day, a gorgeous piece of light morning trance that deepens the pace to 135 BPM. Bold grooves and tight drum programming provide a solid rhythmic foundation allowing for a deliciously slow progression of melodic elements. The overall effect is something like Lish with slightly more of a backbone. Another commendable effort.


As expected, D Oxygen Records provides a dependable pair of crossover tunes designed to light up the morning hours. Doxy002 is pure quality all the way; DJs playing this style would be wise to give this release a shot. It will be available from Beatport and other reputable download shops in mid-April, 2008.

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