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Cosmosis - Moonshine EP

frozen dream

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1. Moonshine | 9:51

2. The Outer Limits | 9:13

3. The Dawn of an Era | 8:05


got this one a while back already, but only opened it up just now. Amazing few tracks here by Bill cosmosis!

Of course, these are all very well-known since they got released on a dozen of other compilations but it's nice to have them close together on this tiny little cd.



For me, this track beats howling at the moon. Very intense and full, even overloaded sometimes, swirls you so fast to the end of it you'll be wondering how it all could go so soon. Loads of chopped acid lines take you through this hectic jungle ride. Spacey atmo.


The Outer Limits

Same recipe here, loads of acid lines, intense feeling. Very nice dance track! Maybe even nicer than moonshine. :P


The Dawn of an Era

More layed back track here, along with the breaks playing constantly through the song. Still very psychedelic atmo like in the 2 previous tracks. Long stretched squelchy synth lines make up the most here. Least to say is that it's trippy as hell.


killer ep! 8.5/10

it wasn't cheap but i'm glad i got it! looking forward to test this on an audience in the next few weeks!

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