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LunarSun:: Mojave, CA:: SHADOW FX March 21-23rd

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21-23/03/2008 Terrakroma and Mindfull Productions presents: :clapping:


LunarSun :: Mar 21-23rd Spring Equinox in the Mojave :: Mubali, Shadow FX, Dylalien, Konflux & more

Mojave Desert





:: Live :: :posford:


SHADOW FX (Zenon :: Australia)

MUBALI (Trishula :: SF)

ZINDUKA (Funtazula :: Israel / SF)


:: DJ ::


NOKTURNAL (Zenon :: Calgary)

DYLALIEN (Alpha Centauri :: SF)

MONKS OF MADNESS (Psycircle :: SD)

DOG OF TEARS (Xexify :: SF :: Live PA)

DROP ZONE (Psycircle :: SD)

KONFLUX (Psytribe :: LA)

AMBER (Apollo's Lute :: Portland)

TATTOO JOE (Moontribe :: SF)

GATTO MATTO (Green Sector :: SF)

WILLY (Electronarcosis :: LA)

SPYROS (Psytribe :: LA)

EARTHBAG (Terrakroma :: LA)

LEOHAWK (Paranormal Sound :: SF)

CHADWICK (Moontribe :: LA)

ARMANDO (Terrakroma :: LA)

PISKEY (Startribe :: Cosmos)

BRIAN RAE (Green Sector :: LA)

GABRIEL (Terrakroma :: LA)

TREETOP (Happy Camp :: SF)

ALFREDO (Terrakroma :: LA)


:: Chillout ::


MANNY (Green Sector :: LA)

SATURNIA (Phoenix Family :: SF)

CHLOROPHIL (Cosmic Leaf :: SF)

TREETOP (Happy Camp :: SF :: Live)

PISKEY (Star Tribe :: Cosmos)

DYLALIEN (Alpha Centauri :: SF)

DR. XEX (Xexify :: SF)

MIMOSA (Streetritual :: SJ :: Live)

ASOM (Xexify :: LA)


Sound by Network 23


More Info:


As Sol and Luna share a sky so do we share sacred space in the Mojave to unite a balanced spectrum of frequencies from psychedelic madness to bliss. This event marks the first ever collaboration between Terrakroma, Mindfull and Xexify. Beginning Friday night, Terrakroma will bring us 24 hours of psy prog, tech trance and downbeat followed Saturday night by a Mindfull/Xexify line-up featuring the finest of West Coast dark and bizzare psychedelia moving into an afternoon of psy prog and minimal concluded with ambient beats.


$30 for the entire weekend or $20 if you sign the guestbook on http://www.terrakroma.com and arrive before 11pm Friday. Come early, bring the whole family, but beware most dogs can't stand high volume frequencies of psytrance. Camping supplies like stoves or firewood are highly recommended


There will be food, drinks, free water and gifts of many colorful varieties as well as a psychedelic Easter egg hunt and abstract art from local California painters/deco-artists. Directions and timeslots will be posted on Terrakroma's site and http://www.mindfullproductions.net shortly before the event.

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