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japanese 90's technoish baraka style video


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hi this is only psy in essence, the tune itself is old school techno type stuff but maybe someone can help,

i remember seeing this video on tv in the middle of the night (chill out zone or something..) in the mid 90's, i cant remember the name (it sounded japanese i think..) but it was epic in scope. it started off in space and came in to earth using all real footage spliced real fast mixing wild animal footage and humans hooked up to various VR style gadgets.. there was astronauts and ameobas, video games and robots mixed with crowds of japanese people milling about.

i likened it to a kind of techno baraka.

if anone could tell me the name of the artist or song or better still, a link to where somebody has kindly posted it on the net it would be great, Thanks in advance!

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