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Spirited Away Mix

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Long story short, after an year and a half of DJ'ing I finally got a hold of my AlesisMultimix that I bought back in June. I recorded this live mix a few minutes ago, but I had gone through and selected all of the songs in the mix about a week beforehand. This is more or less the first time that I have recorded a mix with more than two to three songs, and actually liked. I did all of the mixing inside a pair of Bose-Triports with a NumarkDXM09 using Virtual DJ....


Spirited Away Part1

Spirited Away Part2



The First Revelation

Origami 2007 Remix

Artaud Method

Processing Unit

Living Inside

Revealing Luminescence

Freaks Dungeon

Spirited Way


Wagama Original Live Mix


It's not the cleanest mix in the world, and I used the 'auto-sync' the majority of the time, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm still working on EQing and figuring out how and where to drop the next song in; I use 'auto-sync' a lot but have managed to quit looking at the damn waveform at the top of the screen the whole time.

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