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DELAY, DEElay, Delay, deelay, dee, dee, lay, lay

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How do u create that long sustained DDL that can be amplified and filtered in time?

Maybe theres some easier way than I do it.. Actually Im making a loop of a delay and set volume to it.. I just can find delay that suports long enough sustain for me.. Most of them are up to 10 sec.. Or Im just doing something wrong.. Spare me some time in finding that out

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Analogic/Bionic delay with feedback over 50, but BE CAREFUL!


Sticking RVox on the delay return can help keep levels up with lower feedback amounts too.

Thanks Colin I will check it out.. I have ohmboyz and its ultimate for short delays but I need longer ones.. 50 sounds nice..



I just check that analogic/bionic and that shh is for free.. I just remembered I have it on the 303 free vst cd that I dont use.. U really think its better than ohmboys.. Do u use it for your releases? Man I see that Coldplay used it.. Is todays trance really based on free gear? Than its really true what I asked in some other topic of nemo..

However Ill give it a try right away, maybe I just jumped over it and thought it is crap, maybe it really does the job.. I see midi implementation so thats a big + at the start..

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