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Alladin Orb Summer Festival July 12-15 2007 in Echo Lake Afton NY, USA

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Alladin Orb Summer Festival in Echo Lake CampGround Afton NY, USA


July 12-15 2007



After four years of producing parties in NYC with the best trance artists on the globe, we feel that the time has come to go outdoors, for a well planned and highly produced 3 day festival, featuring over 50 of the best trance artists with three outdoor stages and 80K sound systems!!!


This bigger than ever nature gathering will take place in Echo Lake, a beautiful resort, three hours away from Manhattan in upstate NY. This is an incredible venue, which has hosted numerous musical festivals over the years. This amazing lake surrounded by a magical forest has plenty of parking space, well maintained camping site and economy cabins available for rental.

Situated around a secluded spring-fed lake in the midst of a pine forest.. Come and experience the purity of nature and the divine psychedelic waves of sounds floating around the lake, creating an amazing cosmic energy that brings people together.

This one for sure will be an uplifting experience and an unforgettable gathering!!!


Music Performance:

SHIFT Live(Nexus Media, South Africa)

HUX FLUX Live(Spiral Trax, Sweden)

ATOMIC PULSE (B N E Records, Israel)

TOTAL ECLIPSE(TIP World,mandala France)

ZION Live(Alladin Records, Israel)

D-TEK Live(Maia Recorsds Mexico)

IBOJIMA Live(Millennium Records, Sweden)

ZIK aka HORROR PLACE Live(Harmonia Rec, Drup Out, Greece)

TWISTED SYSTEM(Nexus Media, South Africa)

PETER DIGITAL( Digital Structures sweden)



NAKED TOURISTS Live(Parvati Records, Germany)

REEFER DECREE Live(Iboga Records, Denmark)

ENERTOPIA Live(Alladin Records, Israel)

KNO-B(Alladin Records, Japan)

ORBIT Live(Alladin Records, Israel,Japan)

ONNOMON Live (Gaian Mind, Soular Records, Philadephia,)

COMBINATIONS Live (Groove Criminals Records, Israel, Austria)

D-SPACE Live(Alpha Channel/M-Field,PsyBooty Records,Soul trance)

JAY SELWAY aka CYZUM Live(Zero Divide/ JOOF Records/ Iboga Records USA)

M.T.R Live(Queens, NYC)


PSYLAB Live(Boston, USA)



SPYROS (Psytribe, Los Angeles)

YANN (Ultra Groove, Tech Safari, Canada)

DRIZZT (24/7 Records, Montreal)

CRIS (Alladin Records, Mexico)

KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC)

STEVE-O (Goa Babies, Gaian Mind, NYC)

BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher, NYC)


SUNIL vs MADUH (Malysia/India)

LAURYN (Peak Records/28thday, NYC)


RICKAM (Neurobiotic Records, Tech Safari, Canada)

EG_BOT & MESCALINIUM (Gaian Mind/PSI-Philadelphia)

LUIS (Tsunami, Dreamcatcher, Brazil/NYC)

CORAL (Touch Samadhi, NYC)


VADIM (Loft.N.Space, NYC)

SHUUNY (Mad Elephant, NYC/Japan)

GAVIN (Digital Structures, Spectra,NYC)

ELNADIV (Alladin Records, Israel)

SINPATEX (Alladin Records, Israel)

BABLA (Kagdila Records, India)

NOLA (Alladin Records, NYC)

EGNOGRA (Shaman films media, San Francisco)

ROE REVOLUTION (South Florida Psytrance)


KEN (NYC, Japan)

INDRA (Omnitribe, NYC)

STAS (Omni Tribe, NYC)

BEN (Light-o-Matic, NYC)

IGAL (Loft.n.Space, NYC)


DROOZI (Pune, India)

MANNY (Green Sector, Los Angeles)



Deco by:



Alladin Deco Team

And More TBA!!!

Visual By:



And More TBA!!!



Drum sircle By:

MZ.IMANI(Shaman of the drum, Cosem. NY/DC)



Sound By: Metro sound


Advance Ticket:

*$100 till May 6th

*$120 till June 1st

*$135 till July 11th


Entertainment activities:

Fishing, Boating,

Massages and meditation area,

Work shops,

Vendor markets,

Chai shops,

Hookah lodge,

Drums circles,

Body painting,

Fire performances,

Laser shows,

Arts backdrops & Decorations,

Special nature lighting,

Food vendors,

Fruit bar,

***Several designated public camping tents***

***Hot showers, clean and well maintained restrooms***

***First aid on premises***

and Lots more!!!



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Hey Party People,

The festival preparations are all going according to plan and we are

getting a lot of great responses from all over! We are very excited,

as the festival is about to unfold! All of the artist's plane tickets

have been purchased; the crew is setting up the campground.

With all of our energies combined, this gathering is for sure going to

be a magical experience! The energy is building up, so prepare your

selves to connect with Mother Nature!!!


These links are a breakdown of all information you need to know about

ORB 2007


Line-Up: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=lineup


Deco, Visual & Sound Info:

http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=viewPage& id=20


Attractions & Workshops:

http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=viewPage& id=3


Location: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=location


Tickets: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=getTicket s1


Festival Layout MAP: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=viewPage& id=23


Direction & Transportation:

http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=location& id=8


Camping Tips: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=location& id=13


Rules & Regulations: http://orbfestival. com/index. php?_a=viewPage& id=5


**If you need a ride or have extra room in your car, here's a link for

a rides database website that makes it easy to post ads for your

convenience! Ride Sharing or Car Pooling Link:

http://spaceshare. com/orbfestival/


Food and meal plan will be available at the site

See you all there with love and light

Orb Crew

http://www.orbfesti val.com

http://www.myspace. com/orbfestival

http://www.alladinp roject.net

http://www.myspace. com/alladinproje ct

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