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VA - Divine Inventions CD


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Release Date: April 2007


Liquid Records of the UK is back, doing what does best... assembling diverse trance music artists, young and old, from across the globe and mashing them together into a casserole containing nothing but the best freshly baked musical nutritional elements inside! Bringing together such veterans as Mr. Peculiar and Fractal Glider from down under and putting them together with up-and-coming dancefloor smash artists like Tron, Mood Deluxe and Sketchy Pimps, Liquid once again provides something for every trance palate to enjoy. From ultra-tweaked out abstract tracks like "Amazonic" and "The Hund" to more blissfully happy morning sounds such as "Backwoods" and "Evangeline" Liquid's artists ensure that this compilation will never go stale... at least, not before you do! Liquid's already impressive discography stands testament to the hard work, heart and enthusiasm that this crew puts into their creations... and the end result is phenomenal! Be on the lookout with "Divine Inventions" and other artist releases and compilations ready to hit the globe in the very near future... if you've waited until now to clue yourself into these new movers and shakers of UK psy-trance, wait no longer! So do yourself a favour and check this collection out; "Divine Inventions" by the UK's Liquid Records is slated to be the first big hit of 2007.



Track by Track


Tron - "Amazonic"

This sensational Mexican trance artist has already established his signature organic-abstract style on previous compilations and a hit album released last year. This latest creation isn't lacking in the slightest and this is by far his best work to date! Tron does a great job with extra squishy noise effects, sample splicing, killer bass lines which morph multiple times within the space provided... "Amazonic" is a musical psychotropic story unfolding from start to finish.


Mr. Peculiar - "Alternative Portal"

Australia's Mr. Peculiar should need no introduction, having been a part of the global circuit for 15 years and releasing tracks on many of the biggest labels during that time, and sensation albums, you can rightfully expect 'Alternative Portal' to be a stomper, and it is! From the lows to the highs, this track is mean and packed with dark thrashing floor filling energy. Hard-hitting and relentless, Mr. Peculiar delivers a psy trance track with serious attitude.


Telepathik - "Anomaly"

Already an international hit with his down tempo project 'Phutureprimitive' here we are also treated to more brilliance. Sinister and abstract, but delicate and melodic Telepathik, whose debut album is soon to be released on Liquid, has assembles a sexy, airy track with plenty of hard-edged bump and grind and just the right amount of unearthly melody. The intro and breakdown are creepy-crawly, with a nice moody build-up from beginning to end. A brilliant piece of music from beginning to end.


Mood Deluxe - "Stealthy Fungus"

Mood Deluxe treats us to a funky but aggressive, in-your-face style of psy trance... This British break beat psy-trance artist throws the sounds at you with the intensity of a heated racquetball match! Having successfully released an album acclaimed for its innovation, Mood Deluxe keeps our mood up and drops one on us that will be pushing vibes on dancefloors across the globe this upcoming year.


Sketchy Pimps - "The Hund"

New collaboration project from Henry Seligman (Kamoflage/Dragonfly) and Chris (Flip Flop) and here sits the crunchy centre-piece to the album. Full twisted break downs and build-ups and a dance floor wonder. These guys prefer bass with malediction and malevolence, with inimically alien bleeps and bloops and mind-tearing audio synth rips which titillate the synapses and get the juices flowing. 'The Hund' makes perfect sense although follows no straight path through this enchanted psytrance wilderness.


Fractal Glider - "Snaggletooth"

Fractal Glider, a long-time veteran trance producer, returns with a cleanly produced, highly musical psy-trance piece that spans the musical scale. High-energy and very, very psychoactive, Fractal confuses the senses with alternating bouts of tear-shedding epic atmospheres and frighteningly insectoid dissonance stitched together by a hammering, contorted bassline which practically condemns you for not moving your body to its time.


Beatnik "Worldly Transformations"

Young Beatnik has been making waves in the last 18months with a superb debut release on Nano Records and more in the pipeline. Already touring the world submitting his morning full on psy funk to the masses this new comer is something special. 'Worldly Transformations' is the latest offering of musical genius composed with delicate brilliance over the top of a smashing bassline and hard thumping kick, a synergy of both the beauty and the beast.


Flip Flop - "Evangeline"

Having been hits in the UK for some time and playing it up on the brazilian trance tour circuit, Flip Flop practically came out of nowhere and became hits on two continents in an eyeblink. "Evangeline" represents their ethnic morning sound superbly, fusing elements spanning ancient Asian musical sounds with today's modern Western pop culture. Hearty slices of funk and groove, tripped-out vocalizations with sprinkles of melody set. Flip Flop are certainly one of the most sort after artists of the now and this tracks explains why.


Fromem Ory - "Backwoods"

Canada-born Fromem Ory is one of Liquids' newer artists, yet has already confirmed his amazing penchant for groovy morning trance in the studio and the global festival circuit. "Backwoods" is an excellent soothing finale to this intense compilation, a true musical analogy to the deep relaxing breathing after the hour-long audio orgasm which is "Divine Inventions". These pads are ethereal and angelic as summer cirrus clouds, while the bassline and leads provide just the right amount of current to keep you moving! Bliss with a hiss.



Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arab.co.uk |



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