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Some help with my track please

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Im very happy with a song... finally. At least part of it. I think its a great melody and I like the intro, but I am having a hard time transitioning from into to chorus.... right now I just have it go directly in heh.


Basically only uploaded so I could get some advice/criticism.


Download it here: http://www.ctel.net/~mcdfam/entity.mp3




Check it out at: http://www.myspace.com/mycosismusic


Thank you!

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First thing that I notice when going from the intro bits is that the deep bassy swelling pad type sound goes away and nothing replaces it's space sonically sothat when then melody part comes in it feels a bit lonely to my ears. Try adding something else under the melody to give the ears some choices. Could be another pad, could be some sort of supporting line, whatever works.

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emmm. u feel it and this is the way to making it pure of all the strange habbitments. the track i s good, but what is ur prob with it. i like it as it is. im me

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