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  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing! Btw mycosis means 1. infected by a fungus 2. the condition caused by the presence of such fungi. Mushrooms.
  2. Nice job man, sounds great. I don't suppose you'd be willing to say how it was made? Like the pattern sequence that you used? Im curious how that was made as well.
  3. Im very happy with a song... finally. At least part of it. I think its a great melody and I like the intro, but I am having a hard time transitioning from into to chorus.... right now I just have it go directly in heh. Basically only uploaded so I could get some advice/criticism. Download it here: http://www.ctel.net/~mcdfam/entity.mp3 or Check it out at: http://www.myspace.com/mycosismusic Thank you!
  4. Nevermind i figured it out although definitly cant get it to sound useful
  5. Is there a way to route a track through a vocoder that gets modulated by another track? I can't seem to figure it out I've tried everywhere and searched; came up empty handed.
  6. So you literally just compared your music to crap . Thats about what I'm producing at the moment hah. Part of the fun of any hobby is learning to do it so I guess its really not so bad to suck. And as with anything, you can ALWAYS improve. Suppose I will feel better once I complete a whole track and am happy with it. I would be very interested to hear your old stuff although im sure by now the links are dead. The reason I asked about creative process was that originally I was trying to put together everything for a chorus instead of starting right at the beginning. The only good thing about this method is that you know if the drum samples are going to work with the rest of the track. I guess there is no "right" way to make trance. Whatever process it takes you to get there. Now I start right at the beginning and work my way from there.
  7. Very good point. Many factors in how fast you learn any new skill. I just want to be pro now but thats just fantasy . If I have to wait 2 years to be any good, so be it. Music is music so it applies to all genres. Get good at making one genre and its much easier to try another.
  8. Recreating tracks is definitly not easy. Trying to recreate Astral Projection - No One Ever Dreams. Will release when finished although it will be a while hehe.
  9. Yes I noticed that this morning when I listened to my track again. Check the project and it was indeed set at 120bpm. I could have sworn I changed it to 145 at the very beginning when I started the project. I guess thats what I get for working at 2am in the morning and trying to spit out a track hehe.
  10. Is there a better way to use drums in Cubase? I have been individually placing drums with audio clips as the build in drum sampler seems to not allow you to add your own wave files. Maybe theres a better drum sampler I can buy/thats freeware?
  11. Thanks, I liked the second half more as well. I think all along I have been half assing the drums and just putting in a kick just to see how it would sound with the bass line. That doesn't tell much until you add in the rest of the drums which is what im going to do from now on. Will release the completed track once its finished, although I expect it will take while but thats music! Ride the Vibe.
  12. Here it is... I think I could do better but I suppose its not bad for 2 hours of unexperienced work heh. Please make suggestions. Certainly not release quality, most release it because im getting tired now. http://www.ctel.net/~mcdfam/critiqueme.mp3
  13. Will do just that, expect a track soon. Thank you for the advice!
  14. I have been searching for a psytrance tutorial and I am at a loss. I have been doing TONS of reading for weeks now and practicing as much as I possibly can outside of work. I am still very frustrated as I haven't even come close to finishing my first track. To benefit myself and other people new to the scene, I was thinking maybe we could all collaborate and throw together a SIMPLE trance song from scratch that could be used as the basis of a tutorial from start to finish. I would be willing to create or make a web page and such for it if anyone could be willing to donate some musical input. I am pretty comfortable with my DAW of choice (cubase SX), and think this tutorial should be geared more towards the actual composition. So, to start, would anyone be willing to throw down a simple Drum beat and Bass Line preferably in Cubase format? Any thoughts or ideas on this subject?
  15. Yep thats what I currently use to monitor my sound. Just a dolby digital receiver hooked to some bookshelf speakers. I wonder how monitors compare in quality to regular bookshelf speakers? I figured I could use headphones directly into the sound card because you can with other sound cards like my SB live, they must have a small amp. Guess I could just hook the headphones right into my receiver. Also wonder how much different it would makne getting an EMU 0404 or an M-AUDIO compared to the SB Audigy 2.
  16. I see. Thats pretty inconvenient to have seperate L/R outputs on a sound card. That means in order to use headphones I would need to use a 1/4 in to RCA adapter and then RCA to stereo 1/8 inch and then a 1/8 male to female adapter. There must be an easier way. I've never found a mono male 1/4inch to 1/8 inch female adapter, that would be really helpful.
  17. Unfortunately the ASIO settings on the Audigy 2 only allow me to set the latency, thats the only setting I can change... very inconventient. Also, I am a little confused about the different between balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs. Does balanced mean it allows for stereo panning?
  18. Im considering getting a better sound card (currently using a SB Audigy 2). I hear some clicks and such when using Cubase SX3 and have the latency set at 5ms or so. Is this a common problem even with better sound cards? Also, all pro audio sound cards use 1/4 inch outputs. How would I use headphones with this? Are there adapters that convert to stereo? Also, how are the levels controlled if I were to output directly to monitors. Do I have to buy a mixer? Thank you.
  19. Just want wondering what the creative process for you all is. Do you start with drums and work out a bassline then melody, etc? Or does it depend on the track? I tend to start with drums but find this is difficult as it doesn't lead to much creativity. Keep in mind im a newbie at this whole thing. Still need to invest in a nice pair of headphones as I dont have money to buy a mixer and stuff so I can get monitors. Also, any advice for a newbie besides of course not being unoriginal and copying everyone else? How long did it take you all to start getting what you consider good at making trance? Thanks!
  20. Thanks for the pack! That is the ultimate kick pack, can't believe theres so many!
  21. I'm having a hard time finding the right kick I'm looking for. I want to find a kick with some "oompf" type sound such as what astral projection uses. Anyone have some good trance kicks? Or methods of synthesizing such? Thanks in advance.
  22. For the most part I'm using Ableton Live, I think I'm going to stick with it. I only wish it had peak controllers like FL studio, and the Gate control I have no idea how to control. Also, I wish there was a way to draw in patterns in the arrangement mode.
  23. Thank you for the advice. I have been listening to a lot of hallucinogen and astral projection to try and deconstruct them in my mind. Definitly not easy with trance with all the delay effects and filter sweeps going on, its hard to tell where the sound starts from without effects. I think I am being impatient. Learning is half the fun and 99% of the battle in any skill. I suppose I'm on the right track, reading all I can and practicing when I'm not reading. I just want to put out some killer tracks heh. I'm also having trouble settling on a sequencer. I own FL studio, Ableton Live and Cubase, and have tried Reason in the past. They are all very different and all have pros and cons. What do you all use?
  24. I'm new at producing trance, and feel I've run into a sort of brick wall in progressing my tracks. I can create a pretty good intro, but am having a very hard time transitioning into the main part of the song. It seems like my tracks are just not flowing together. All the sounds are sort of meshing together and cancel each other out. Also, there seems to be way too big of a gap in the bass and melody and it sounds startling if this makes any sense. What are the main components of any trance track? Also, is there a basic outline I could follow for my first track, such as 1-16 bars intro, 16-24 verse 1, etc? Please help, I've been reading a LOT but I still can't practicalise the tutorials and such into actual making of a track. Thank you.
  25. I just invested in Vanguard, its a very nice plugin. Definity got exactly the sound I was looking for, thanks Rez!
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