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Trancendance 2007?


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  • 4 weeks later...

Does anyone know if Trancendance is on this year? If so, is the website up yet? Are there any other festivals that people know of in Brazil, Peru, etc.? Really want to do a south american party....




hey man


I doubt trancendence will ever happen again, at least in the same place..


last edition in 2005 was pure disaster with the police.. The media was talking too much about young people and drugs during the time, and they had to find a ´scape goat´, so they made an operation in the party which was very fucked up... So many ppl got searched, humiliated, arrested.. So different than other years which was total peace and nature union


If you plan on going to festivals in brazil, the safest choice is universo paralello in bahia, in the new years... or a few others... I got to go now, ask if you want to know smt more

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