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Wanted: TIP Yellow / TIP BLUE / TIP Feeling Weird / Phosphorescent etc.


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Really want these cds. Prefer a trade cause I'm broke :lol: PM me if you have any of these for trade. Check my collection, maybe there is something you like to have.


Various - Yellow Compilation



Various - Blue Compilation



The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird



Various - Phosphorescent



Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti



Astral Projection - Trust In Trance



Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth



Shakta - Silicon Trip



O.O.O.D. - A Live






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Hi Johan,


this is Frank - i think we already had contact some days before...i posted you a list of vinyls that i wanted to sell or trade.


I checked my collection and can offer you the following:


OOOD - A Live

Man With No Name - Moment of truth

Astral Projection - Trust in trance (not the TIP-Pressing - i have the pressing of TrustInTrance/Phonokol)

The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird (a good friend has this release - i think i can manage to get it from him) <_<


This one is still the only part of your collection that´s interesting for me:



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noooo.. not my precious alcyone :o

GOODLUCK YEAH RIGHT HEEEEEHEEEEEEEEE! I mean, it is just a record :) but man, someone's gonna have to foot more than that to get that. there's 200 pressings. those cd's are more abundant than that. It'd take probably 1000 copies of A Live just to make the rarity ratio worth while :-D




Anyways, hi endah, see you sold most of that collection off :-) The only thing I have TIP these days is the entire tip record collection - their 12" and LPs. wish I still had the cds to offer you. Maybe in the near future, yeah. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.



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