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[Melb] Fri~TFP(Siaqua Pete)lively~PsyKu~DreamKatcher~Si.con lively!

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From midnight this Friday night DancePortal.com.au's regular monthly psytrance stomp session Tarantism (meaning "an uncontrollable urge to dance") continues on level three of 3D featuring T.F.P (Siaqua Pete / lively), Psy Ku (Japan), Dream Katcher (DJ set), and Si.con (Mushroom Madness / lively)!


Expect a proggy warmup and then bangin til close! Set times announced soon!


Plus two more levels of 3D madness from 10pm til 6am!


Win a double pass! Answer this question to enter the draw:


Q: What is the name of a tune produced by Siaqua?


Post your answer in this thread, PM it, or email to tarantism@danceportal.com.au by mid-day on Friday.


$5 before 11pm, $12 guest list, $16 on the door.


Email discount entry guest list names to 3Dguestlist@danceportal.com.au before 6pm on Friday or SMS to 0421237478 before 11pm!


More info at DancePortal.com.au/events/hot/#3dfeatTarantism.


SIAQUA PETE ~ The filter prince!

Pete needs no introduction. Born into this world with excitment, enthusiasm and passion for entertainment. Siaqua defines Peter's energetic, uplifting and flavouresome joy. Introduced to entertainment and parties at the early young age of 5 in Anthens, Greece, Pete helped Siaqua get off the ground 6 years ago, and is involved at all levels of production from composition, to mixing, mastering and logisitics. Peter's first introduction into the amazing world of trance was at 15 when he fell in love with the work of Brian St. James (SPIRITUALIST - White). The first CD he had procured from his uncle, who noticed the penchant of energy and enthusiasm in the young man. From then he swept the party scene throughout Australia. At 18 his love for trance took him to meeting the boys of Astral, who gave great counsel and guidance towards the possiblities of writing music in the trance scene. After which he did his own solo music production for a number of years, playing at house parties and small events.



Tom and Pete finally met at a dark, dirty rave in 1999 during the early days of psytrance in Australia. The two bumped into each other through the meistro Zlatko of the New New Order. Their first big break was offered by Earthcore who through the boys a lifeline at their festival. The pair had no idea what kind of roller coaster ride they were in for! From Byron to India, Siaqua quickly swept through the psy-trance scene. The latest collection of killer tunes are set to explode next year as the duo prepare to finally release their first album. After years of practice and observation, they have tapped into the secret magic energy of the outdoor dance scene to bring about the next schnitzel sensations that will rock your dance floors! BRING IT ON! Reshpect to all those schnitzel peeps out there! Tom is away playing gigs in Goa!


Pete brings the mystical Siaqua sounds to Tarantism @ 3D this Friday night with a lively set (Ie, DJing 100% Siaqua tunes) from 2 til 3:30am! Dont miss this rare opportunity to hear the masterful tunes they are known far and wide for!

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