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Fullmoon 2006 DVD now shipping!

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We're delighted to announce that the Fullmoon Festival DVD is now shipping!

Thanks for waiting to all the many people who pre-ordered the DVD - it will be with you any day now.

With 15 killer full tracks from probably the widest selection of artists EVER on one disk - from Infected Mushroom and 1200 Micrograms to Highko and Ocelot - The Fullmoon Festival DVD gives you over 2 hours of stunning synchronised, multi-angle dancefloor footage, interviews and more - plus the most full-on twisted CGI music video yet.


The lineup includes 5 totally new tracks, including the first taste of Tristan's forthcoming album Chemisphere!


Here's the full track listing:

STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA - Sunrise of the 3rd Millenium


PROTOCULTURE - Circadians (Pop:Stream Fullmoon Remix) (Unreleased)

OFORIA - Unusual Game

CHROMATONE - Mind Fog (Unreleased)

FILTERIA - Flanger Saucer (Unreleased)


Z-MACHINE - East Generation

ATOMIC PULSE - Direct Source

OCELOT - Psyfamily

WHICKED HAYO - Lucy with Diaments (Unreleased)

ECLIPTIC - Revellion

TRISTAN - No Guarantees! (Live Mix) (Unreleased)

1200 MICS - Rock into the Future

Bonus: HIGHKO with VJ Exit - Level 25 (Award nominated!)


You can samples from every track at http://www.circuitviii.net


The DVD is distributed worldwide by BNE.


Oh, and there's a free lunar calendar inside every one!!

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